DoubleJump Books Clearance Sale

This is a pimpage post, but it comes to you with Tom’s approval.

I work for DoubleJump Books, and we’re currently having a clearance sale on our strategy guides, for games such as Phantom Brave, Disgaea 2, Operation Darkness, and the forthcoming Disgaea 3. We’re hoping to get some of our warehouse space back.

Since Quarter to Three’s regulars have been some of our most vocal fans, I arranged a deal. By going to our website and ordering with the promotional code Q23, you’ll receive five dollars off of an order.

Thanks for the support, guys.

Thanks for the coupon, it just about covers the shipping. I preordered the Disgaea 3 guide, as I regard that as a necessary purchase when it comes to those games. Keep up the good work.

I ordered the Disgaea 3 guide as well. Thanks, you guys rock!


I just ordered the Mana Khemia guide. I didnt realize you guys had a guide for it. Thanks for the coupon!

Disgaea 3, Mana Khemia, and Operation Darkness guides ordered. Love DoubleJump guides.

So when you say the Disgaea guides are signed who are they signed by? Does the shipping guy throw his John Hancock on there before he slaps it in the box?

Think you can slap an FFTA2 guide together real quick? I loved your Phantom Brave guide a ridiculous amount, but none of the other ones are for games I have.

Cool, how long is the coupon good for? I’ll probably have to get the Disgaea guide even though I don’t have a PS3 right now.

That is also my question, as well as this - I see you guys list the MGS4 official guide, and the Ninja Gaiden II one, and the GTA IV one - none of which seem like traditional DoubleJump guides. Are they?

I might have to buy them if they are.

I can’t speak as to their origins, but the GTA IV guide I would rate as a very good Bradygames guide, if that means anything. Unusually, it has a very thorough table of contents that gets you where you need to be quickly, and since it’s less a game of “how to beat this boss” than simply giving you a heads up on where and how everything happens, it adds a lot of value to the game for people like me that could care less about driving aimlessly in the city soaking up its ambiance.

The NGII guide is a more difficult one to love, namely because the formatting is so relatively primitive for a game guide. To its credit, the maps work alright, and the boss tips proved handy when I got stuck. I would say it’s only for people allergic to gamefaqs. It’s not as bad as the original NG guide, which I bought only for the golden symbol finding, and it stabbed me in the back by having an incomplete list. But it’s definitely a throwback as far as gameguides go.

The MGS4 guide is really polished and well done. Its walkthrough philosophy is very stealth based, but it does a good job of explaining the other options and giving you all of the details in the game, particularly for the hard/extreme playthroughs. It’s not a game where I was dying for help, but as far being a completist and trying to earn badges, it was invaluable. In fact, my first reaction when seeing the guide was “looks like DJ has some real competition now”…it seems they are all one big happy family, these days.

The coupon’s good until further notice. Feel free to pass it around.

Marcus, we’re planning to have the writers sign them. The fact that this is ridiculous and does nothing for the guide is sort of the point; it’s silly.

It takes us about six weeks to make a guide, actually. If you have a time machine on you, though, we could make this work.

Oh, no, they aren’t. We’re just selling them in partnership with their publishers.

I noticed the Persona 3 guide isn’t in stock anymore. That guide was fantastic. I suppose there are no plans to make a Persona 3 FES guide, huh?

Aw, damn, I meant to buy that.

Yeah, we sold all of the P3 guides. Keep checking back; twice now we’ve run across a box of P3s somewhere and put them back on the store, so anything’s possible.

We aren’t going to do a guide for FES; if we were, we’d have done it already.