Dougway proving ground lockdown

I say, I say, what’s going on over there?

The installation, about 85 miles from Salt Lake City, has small amounts of chemical and biological weapons for defense testing purposes, and is used to test conventional military weaponry and ammunition.

In a statement issued soon after the lockdown, Dugway commander Col. William E. King IV said authorities were “working as quickly and as thoroughly as possible to resolve a serious concern within the Test Area,” but didn’t elaborate.

I’m personally looking forward to finding out whether I’m immune to Captain Trips.

Right now there is a man with a very runny nose speeding down a Utah highway.

Pray he doesn’t find a town.

I saw “doug” and “lockdown” and thought this was going to be a thread on Doğuş Balbay, a.k.a. “The Turkish Prison”

Zombie outbreak, duh.

The Dougway is only for Doug. It’s his road, you all stay off it.

We’re okay though, General Starkey just made a statement that the situation is okay and there was no spread of anything. We can trust that man.

. . . Dugway commander Col. William E. King IV said authorities . . .

Hmm . . .

Someone had misplaced some deadly VX nerve agent.

VX is a odorless, tasteless oily liquid that evaporates under high temperatures. The agent affects the body’s ability to send and carry messages through the nerves, and exposure can result through skin contact, eye contact or inhalation.

Wait, how do they know it’s tasteless?

The jokes it tells mainly.

Every time there’s a (near) catastrophe Stephen King books get an ass-load of free advertising. He is profiting on the destruction of the human race.


The goats told them!

Human error.

The error happened Tuesday, when two testers swathed in protective gear removed the agent from storage to test sensor equipment, King said. When they recovered the oily, amber-colored liquid, they put it back in the wrong vial.

I was just thinking about this too. If you want to cut spending, start getting rid of this stuff. Think how much money we spend every year just to store this stuff. Unless our CIA guys are using it to kill people, what use is it? I can’t imagine us using it in a war.

"SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 27 (UPI) – A missing vial of a nerve agent led to a 12-hour lockdown at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, the U.S. Army said Thursday.

The statement said the missing amount – less than a quarter-teaspoon – of the nerve agent VX was discovered to be missing during an inventory check, the Deseret News in Salt Lake City reported.

“No one was ever in danger,” the Army said in a statement. Nothing was said immediately about where the vial was found or why it was missing, the Deseret News said. "

No mention that the vial was found until the bolded part. US “journalism” at its finest. It is only the most important fact in the story, and it is about as vague as can be. They should have led with it, and confirmed the vial was found.

You are quoting UPI. I hardly think anything Moonie-related should be used as representative of the US as a whole.

Anything Dugway-related freaks me out because it’s so close and I read The Stand every five or six years.