Down in Flames beta demo is out

Link to download area:

Look at Bruce Geryk’s preview if you don’t know what this is about.

Cool, I’ve been waiting for this.

I dowloaded the goddamn thing yesterday (a file called DiF_BetaDemoSetup.exe) and not only did it not install, I can’t delete the fucking file even after a couple of reboots. This is how things would be if Greg Costikyan ran the world instead of just complained about it all the time. Despite the Greg Costikyan joke, I’m actually pretty mad about this.

Now that’s funny!


Mine worked just fine, not a single glitch.

You have to have .Net architecture 1.1 installed for the game to run.

Will that be the case with the final game or just the demo?

Same problem as Erik, I had to use winrar to extract the setup files from the installer.

That sucks. Maybe post about it to the DiF forums -;f=35

I have a different problem with the beta - on my main home computer I can’t purchase skills for my online pilots. I can choose them, but when I hit “OK” I lose the connection to the server. I can connect to the server just and play just fine, though. And the computer in my basement which is also supposedly running XP SP2 with .NET on the same network can purchase skills just fine. The programmer even wrote some code to try and specifically track the problem but all he could tell was that I was having data compression issues. I guess making a great boardgame into a great computer game is harder than I thought.

It does say BETA demo though. I doubt the final game will be so earthshatteringly Costikyan as this demo is.


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Blame ElGuapo - he started it.