Downhill (2020) - They remade Force Majeure with Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus

No seriously, they remade Force Majeure with Will Ferrell and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. How weird is that?

I just looked up Force Majeure, and it’s a movie that came near the end of 2014. So yeah, that is kind of weird, but not unprecedented. Remember Insomnia? The Norwegian movie came out in 1997, but we didn’t see it until 2001. And then in 2002, Christopher Nolan came out with a movie named Insomnia only 5 years after the original. I still remember us sitting in that theater as realization dawned on us that we had just recently watched this movie already.

It’s not weird that they’re remaking it, it’s just weird that it’s being remade with Ferrell and Louis-Dreyfus. I guess they’re playing it sorta straight, close to the original (it’s almost shot for shot a remake based on what I remember of the original and this trailer), but it still seems weird.

Ferrell and Louis-Dreyfus seem like good fits. The original had a fair amount of caustic humor between the two leads.

I haven’t seen Force Majeure, but I watched Downhill tonight. That was pretty good. It just felt like a really strange movie with things blown hugely out of proportion for lack of communication. But the movie kind of sits in that, and acknowledges it, and has some really nice moments at the end.

Ha ha, you guys watched Downhill. I can imagine it’s inoffensive enough if you haven’t seen Force Majeure. But for those of us who’ve seen Force Majeure, egad, what a godawful misfire this thing is. Tone-deaf dreck with no appreciation for its source material.


Whaaaaat?! I loved Force Majeure, and this is so preposterous that it simply has to be worth watching, good, bad, or bloody brilliant.

I only recently discovered Veep, like days before the election recently, and it reminded me how much range Julia Louis-Dreyfus has. Will Ferrell impressed me enough in Everything Must Go to take him seriously in this, but I have to imagine they’re going to wring out lots of humor from the premise with these two. It could go very, very well.

And Tormund is back in this version too!

EDIT: Oh nuts, Tom came to rein in my expectations while I was typing.

It plays out like a Veep style comedy. Same sense of humor. It even uses the same cast members. Which is fine so long as you don’t realize they’re attempting to remake an achingly cynical meditation on love, cowardice, and the human condition.