Download manager needed...hypothetically

Suppose a friend of mine was admitted to a closed Beta test and needed to download a 26 part Beta. What download manager would he/she use?

This friend is also concerned about whether she/he is allowed to even mention the fact that he/she has been accepted which has led to all the mystery surrounding this post.

Your “friend” should not use a download manager as they are all spyware.

Your “friend” should also get a broadband connection, because nobody with broadband has this problem

Your “friend” should also write a script that automagically downloads the files sequentially.

Your “friend” should also stop posting so much.


Hypothetically, your friend might want to look at GetRight.

I understand it’s the best of of the managers.

Hypothetically, of course.

For your… umm… friend.

I’m pretty sure the latest versions of that contain spyware or other crappety-crap.

Be careful.

He happens to have broadband and it is agonizingly slow he tells me. Also, let’s suppose in this scenario that the files are hosted in a foreign land and that may slow download times.

Maybe my friend would be on part 10 of 26 by now and is just going to do it the slow way (averaging, for example, 13 KB/sec.) because all of this “spyware” talk is making him feel nervous.

your friend should install the spyware/downloadmanager on someone else’s computer, get the files, transfer them to yo… his computer, then throw the contaminated machine out.

July 25th, 2003, the day we all helped Tyler download porn.

I think “your friend” should look into getting Fresh Download.
I am not programmed to wink but if I was programmed to wink I would have winked when I said “your friend”.

It’s supposedly free of Spyware, and I have not seen anything to suggest that it isn’t.

GetRight has not had spyware for years. The author took it out because too many people complained about it.

I use Download Accelerator Plus. No spyware on it (I use Spybot and Ad-Aware to check for that stuff.) Free. Works well for me.

Cool. I stand corrected.

Well, my hypothetical testing is over where download management is concerned. My friend and I have come to the conlusion that asking for help here is great. However, make sure you have a day or two for people “in the know” to hash things out. :)

Hypothetically it turned out being 36 parts at 20MB each, but my friend finished it this morning, in theory.


For future reference, you can also look at a decent FTP program – like Bulletproof FTP – which allows you to just queue all the downloads up in the FTP client and let them rip. Even resumes download if you lose connection.