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Vertigo has made the first issue of DMZ available for free. If you’ve never read DMZ before, now is the time. It’s an amazing near-future tale of US civil war in and around the island of Manhattan.

But enough with the write-up. Just read it already.

I know it is a first issue and all, but there is not much to recommend it story-wise. Not enough for me do the ol’ suspension o’ disbelief thing.

But then, I also think I’m going cut my comic budget back to $0 when the final issue of Planetary comes out, if it ever does.

It keeps getting better. I just read issue six and this is becoming one of my favorite series pretty quickly. This is one better judged by the first tpb than the first issue.

I’m actually quite the fan of DMZ on the quiet. By the end of the first arc, I was pretty much sold on it.