Dozens of Mixer fans are about to get Facebook Gaming accounts

Dozens of Mixer fans are about to get Facebook Gaming accounts Microsoft is closing down Mixer. Beginning today, Microsoft will transition the hundreds of Mixer accounts left to Facebook Gaming, with the absolute switch occurring on July 22nd. It’s a radical move meant to support Microsoft’s Project xCloud system which is integral to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass strategies moving into the next generation. Microsoft acquired Mixer in 2016, and integrated it into the Xbox ecosystem shortly afterwards. Despite a concerted marketing push, people just weren’t into Mixer. The big money exclusivity deals Microsoft cut with top tier streamers like Ninja and Shroud just last year ended up as nice paydays for those talents, but the audience did not come with them from competing sites. While the Twitch and Facebook Gaming streaming services saw audience numbers and hours viewed rise significantly during the COVID-19 crisis, Mixer has remained relatively flat.

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My heart goes out to all the folks on Mixer who invested so much into the platform.

Was this a thing? I’m asking sincerely. I just can’t fathom why any up and coming streamer would’ve chosen Mixer over the competition unless someone was paying them to be exclusive.

A lot of people were on it because they’d built a community there.

Oh. That is a shame. Will they move to Twitch or go with Facebook Gaming? What’s the general feeling on that?

A lot of those I’m seeing on places like Pipeline and such are going to YouTube or Twitch. There seems to be a lot of hate for Facebook.

No surprise, I guess. Most of the comments I’m seeing around the 'net are pretty much middle fingers to Facebook Gaming.

Ugh. I hope that’s not automatic. I think I made an account there and I don’t want a Facebook anything.

Mixer may not have taken off, but I assure you it had more than dozens of users. :p

Shouldn’t Microsoft ask permission first before transferring your account over to Facebook?

…they’re not transferring accounts. They’re just shifting their streaming efforts to work with FB Gaming.

Also, nobody has posted the “Dozens!” GIF.

Not a lot of contexts these days where Google and Amazon are the less hated options! Facebook is a gift that keeps on giving for the PR departments of the other megacorps.

Facebook Gaming? fuck that.

Mixer had some nice UI features. Nice to see Microsoft continuing in their vein of cancelling stuff immediately after pushing for it.

who could possibly have seen this coming? lol

smart of shroud and blevin to cash in while they could. it was obvious this platform couldn’t survive. they probably made out with a multimillion dollar contract for what, a year or two of gaming? now I assume they can go right back to twitch.

Less than a year for both of them. And the reports are that Ninja got $30 million and Shroud got $10 million.

I thought Mixer was cool and don’t blame MS for trying to compete with Twitch even though that turned out to be impossible.

I liked Mixer too, being integrated into the Xbox made it handy to use. I even streamed a couple games to show to friends a few times.

But if you broke out time spent actually viewing streams on the platforms I would guess it would break out to something like 98% Twitch to 2% Mixer. They just didn’t have the content. Not sure what they could have done differently, it just didn’t come together.

First music, ebooks, and now this.

Mixer didn’t do anything Twitch didn’t. They tried to win with talent and content and all it proved is that those guys are expendable. Other streamers picked up their audiences and Twitch carried on. I’m sure it put a scare into Ninja and Shroud to see themselves start to become irrelevant.