Dr WHo finally makes it to the US!

My mum told me about this last night, claming she had heard it on the BBC, but this was the only story I could find online.


They pushed back the DVD release? Son of a BITCH.

Well, it is the SciFi channel, so they’ll probably air the first six episodes starting in March and then sit on the last six until November.

Consarn it, if it ain’t Tom Baker it ain’t Dr. Who and that’s the ways I likes it!!

**and yes, I am aware he was like the 4th guy to play Dr. Who but that doesn’t change anything, consarn it

So, how is this? Fun? Sucky? Cheesy fun that appealed to you at 15 but seems like a waste of valuable time at 40?

Still very fun, with a 5000% increase in production values. Eccleston’s goofy gape can get annoying, but he is otherwise very good in the role (even for Tom Baker diehards like me). Rewards longtime fans, but is accessible enough for new folks.

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