Dr Who Xmas Special (no spoilers....yet)

Tennant = Very Yes.

That was a great episode, he’s really earned the role. Totally different from the angsty Eccleston, Tennant’s Doctor has the warmth of Davison, with an extra helping of quirky.

Nice teaser for series 2 during the end credits too.

Anyone seen a torrent for this yet? I checked mininova and those swedish pirates without much luck…

“How very Arthur Dent…”

Very silly episode, but fun.

I’d bet you’ll see it up before you go to bed tonight.

It’s likely to show up on tvtorrents.com any moment, I’m sure.
Look under Torrents->Recent, as they need to be manually moved to a
category to show up under Shows.

Mininova has a torrent up. Even though I was getting an Unregistered Torrent error from the tracker, I’m going at a fair 30KBps download.

the daleks kill everyone

That Gary Whitta fellow … doesn’t he look a little tired? ;)

Big spoiler (okay, well maybe not) but…


Also neat that they’ve got Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith) for an episode.

Excellent episode, first two-thirds is slow, ending is great. Picks up right where the Feed the Children Special leaves off.

Really really good episode. Nice homages to Hitchikers (the tea counts as well as the Arthur Dent comment I think). Also a deliberate (I think) nod to the Pertwee-era story about the Silurians, in that the kind of same thing happened at the end.

Finally got it. Not a disappointment at all. The end teaser gives away what looks to be a season’s worth of spoilers, but what the hell…

And Tennant is pretty convincing - certainly different than those who have gone before, but I’m definitely looking forward to the new season. A few nice touches - I think I saw a Baker era scarf in the wardrobe, and a Davidson era hat. Also, I absolutely loved the christmas tree silhouette cut into the wall - it seemed like they put that into as many shots as possible.

I guess Torchwood is the spin off series?

No sign of the new episode on tvtorrents.com yet.

I feel your pain. www.mininova.org is your friend. Sorry my kung fu isn’t good enough to embed that as a link, but http://www.mininova.org/tor/185363 that goes directly to what you’re looking for.

Wow. The new system is smart enough to put urls as links. Score one for the good guys. Who aren’t too good at the intarweb…

Well, that was fun. It still has a bit of the Deus Ex Machina problem, but Tennant certainly has my buy in at this point.

Yeah, it’s Doctor Who’s take on the X-Files, apparently, starring Captain Jack.