Dragon Age 2..Bethany...SPOILER


So I went into the deep roads with Bethany and she got the blight and is now dead. What would have happened had I not taken her? Would another character have died? What are the alternate world possibilities?

She goes to the Circle and can’t be selected.

But you still have the option of romancing her in the secret Act 4.

If you had not taken her, she would have joined the mages in the tower (i.e., imprisoned by the Templars.)

If you had taken Anders along with you as well as Bethany into the deep roads, she could have become a Gray Warden. You would have a later encounter with her during the ending act.

Spoilers follow, obviously.

If you don’t take her, she survives but is captured by the templars as a rogue mage and sent to the tower. She’s unavailable as a party member for the rest of the game except for the very final battle.

I recall reading that it’s possible to save her in the Deep Roads somehow – perhaps if you also have Anders in your party?

But still not useable in the following acts, I assume?


Granted as my sister I couldn’t romance her but she was by far the nicest looking of the characters. Strange they give you a sister only to take her away…dramatic plot twist I guess.

No problem, I’ll PM you some mods. Nude or just reduced clothing?

Also, depending on which class you choose at the start,

Bethany may be the one that dies during the initial troll encounter at the very beginning… rather than your brother, Carver. If you play warrior or rogue, it is Carver that gets killed. If you play mage, it is Bethany that gets killed.

What secret Act 4?

I haven’t followed the general DA2 threads as they’re huge…

I never guessed that was an option…


I’ve played through the Bethany-becomes-Grey-Warden option, and it’s awesome. She’s by far the best mage in the game. When she becomes available for the final act, she just bulldozes everything.

Even better, I played the DLC after I beat the core game, and the designers anticipated this. The plot and dialogue adjust appropriately if you bring her on the DLC mission.

I was just joking about romance options.

What makes Bethany better than the other mages?

For one thing, whether it was her gear or stats she seemed to never have a mana problem.

Bethany also has some outstanding skill tree options. My favorite is the equivalent of Mass Effect biotics. Got a crapton of baddies on screen (which, in DA2, is basically four times every combat occurrence)? Just use the equivalent of singularity to knock them off their feet and pummel them.