Dragon Age 4 - Before and after GaaS

Ellis had a worrying missing-persons-possible-self-harm incident last year so I sense he’s somewhat troubled.

Well, shit. No big loss. Just caught how he’s Trump-supporting garbage.

Terrible, but the in-character defense the V.O actor released on his Youtube channel is even worse!

I’m not going to watch or read any of this and kill the extremely limited interest I have left in this dying franchise. It’s already on life support.

Must be why it’s no longer public.

Some of his rambling defense, which also included a 8-minute montage about the George Floyd protests bookmarked with a speech by Ronald Reagan about the kind of neighborhood you want to live in, has been transcribed here. I can’t imagine Bioware will have anything to do with him going forward, especially after he read stuff like this out as Cullen:

“Greg and Cullen were summarily lumped together and generalized about due impart to the coincidence of skin pigmentation.”

“The manifest is filling up. The womanifest is filling up, too. Join me for this new adventure. Like. Follow. Subscribe. Plant your flag against cancel culture.”

“Black lives matter. And they don’t matter more than anyone else’s. I love…I love everyone. I support everyone’s life choice and decision to love whoever they please, and who identify with whatever gender they prefer.”

I feel exactly the same way about it. I had a really great time for a good while, then it really hit a wall.

Sounds like a lengthy cry for mental help. Not just because of views, but due to the obvious ramifications of airing them in that manner.

The video being private I hope is some family or someone else trying to get him help.

Has he been like this for years?

Cullen is ultimately a minor character across the whole series, there’s absolutely no reason Ellis would even be considered to be brought back.

His role was pretty big in DA: Inquistion. But I don’t think it was big enough that he needs to be in the next or couldn’t be recast.

Either way, it doesn’t matter to me, and the whole GAAS is off putting to me. Plus Bioware seems to be one game away from being closed.

I thought it felt like that way after ME: Andromeda was a huge sales failure, that everything was riding on Anthem. And then Anthem was a sales failure too, so I am surprised that they’re still around. The lesson of ME: Andromeda is, I guess, put out a really polished game. Doesn’t matter if the gameplay underneath is good or not. If you have funny looking bugs or voice acting, that stuff will go viral and Dragon Age 4 will fail.

Not the only reason that game failed.

Really? Because I couldn’t go into an Andromeda thread anywhere without having to wade through lame-ass “my face is tired” jokes. Pretty much still can’t.

Yeah and right now you can’t go into a Monster Hunter Game without hearing about a bad joke in a movie. And you couldn’t go into a Doom game without hearing about rape. And you couldn’t go into Spore game without hearing about DRM. And you couldn’t go into almost any Bioware game without someone talking about romance options and inclusion of or lack of sex. These games didn’t fail because people were talking about them. Let’s go find a game we’ve never heard of and see how they did when no one talked about or even played those games.

I enjoyed ME:Andromeda and DA:Inquisition but as some up thread said there was too much MMO stuff along with the actual game. People who played the originals weren’t prepared for all that, especially ME.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. You want to talk about a game that nobody played or talked about? Be my guest. What does that have to do with anything? And who the hell talks about rape in a Doom thread? I have never seen such a thing.

They talked about rape in a Doom topic because there was rape in the game. I mean, you’ve been around video game forums before right?

I’ve been around this one. Can you point me toward the thread where we talked about rape in a Doom game?

Err not Doom, it was Duke Nukem Forever, and that game didn’t fail because people talked about throwing shit, and raping girls, and… well all that other stuff. It failed because it’s a terrible game showcased by the poor decisions people did talk about.

All right, Duke Nukem Forever may have had rape in it, I don’t know the first thing about it. I’m still trying to figure out where this is going - are you telling me that negative press and bad impressions repeated ad infinitum on YouTube and around the internet didn’t affect sales of Andromeda? Because I’ve talked to quite a few people who never tried the game because they heard it sucked, it’s just received wisdom.