Dragon Age 4 - Before and after GaaS

I am currently replaying DA:Inquisition and while the armor looks like Dark Souls the combat looks like DA:I. Especially when the camera is on one character like that.

After so many years Bioware still hasn’t hired any good animators it seems lol.

Fully expecting EA business “designer” fucking with this game.

Getting DA2 vibes, but I’ll withhold judgement.

Agreed. They can’t seem to get this and it’s a shame. First game is still by far the best. Sigh.

Every good studio EA buys gets it’s soul sucked out of it eventually. BioWare is no exception.

How do you get DA2 vibes from that? I don’t think I saw enemies dropping from the sky.

I think there are way to many negative vibes from this.

Hard to tell a lot from a few seconds of an internal build. Animation doesn’t look great, but it could be a cherry-picked moment of clunkiness. I’ll need to see a lot more to get a better idea of what’s going on.

Animation looked poor but the source said animation (and combat) were great. Nothing to do but wait and see.

It’s already terrible because it looks like you’re controlling a single character. Yeah, I’m with the Dragon Age originalists, if that is even a thing.

At least if it means Dragon Age 2 is the worst piece of shit BioWare ever produced!

I mean I can imagine if there is one thing I want Qt3 to know me for, it would be my eternal hatred of Dragon Age 2.

This is me, down to how much I hate DA2.

I just recently replayed DA:O (I think it was last summer) and was shocked at how well it still holds up both mechanically as an RPG and also as a story telling and world building vehicle. DA2 will never not be my greatest gaming disapointment. And this new game looking like a single character Dark Souls game will probably not be what I want from the franchise (though if it’s a good game in its own right, which I’ll cross fingers for, I’ll give it a shot).

Everything I have heard says it is more like DA2 than the others. Way to double down on stupid.

Gameplay notes I found:

  • Combat is completely in real-time and similar to a hack and slash. I’m told the guiding reference point was the God of War (2018), and that shows.
  • Player has their regular combo attack and then their abilities as well as a special bar which generates allowing you to pull off a special move. I don’t really understand the comparison to FF15’s wheel. It’s standard Dragon Age ability wheel.
  • There was no party control demonstrated. I think it’s a safe bet to say you will not be able to directly control your party members in the game. That said, you likely will be able to tell them to execute certain abilities. But apparently that was locked off in the Alpha.

Sounds…dreadful, hard pass for me.

The DA Orginalist welcome you with open arms and have appointed you a position on the board.

A God of War (2018)-inspired combat system sounds good to me. I hope that part is true and that they nail it, and it’s a huge hit for them.

(Background: I’ve only played through the original Dragon Age, and wasn’t a fan of the combat system. They got rid of the order queue from KOTOR and Neverwinter Nights 2, which made the combat much worse for me.)

That last bit reminds me of Mass Effect 3 (which I’m currently playing through), where you don’t really control either of your two party characters directly, but you can tell them what weapon to use and when/where to use their powers. Maybe not as good as DA1 was, but I can see why they’d do that, since they’ve done it before.

Well, as long as we’re making lists, what the hell:

The first game is my least favorite. It had the least interesting story, your bog-standard kill the foozle as Scorpia used to call them. The characters were the least interesting as well. Plus it had weird graphics, everyone had freaky huge hands which I found endlessly distracting.

I enjoyed both the storyline and the characters in DA2 much more. The idea of following a town across several years, and pushing the conflict between the magic users and templars to the front, both engaged me much more. Plus it had Varris, so it’s automatically at least a top two DA game.

Inquisition was the most fun to play for me. Plus it had good characters, and I really enjoyed fixing up and populating Skyhold. Probably my favorite DA game so far.

2 was great in terms of the story. The problem was the small development timeline meant they had to recycle environments constantly. Another year or two of time for the dev team to actually flesh out of the world would have eliminated that issue.

And now, your friendly reminder that most game assets get continually refined and updated during production right up until the end. I wouldn’t pass judgement on the animation (or worse, the animators) from a leaked pre-release video.

Though the style of gameplay is probably relatively fixed at this point. They really should get some messaging out there soonish to set expectations.

The captions on the images and gameplay never changes.

I’m wondering if that’s a way to ID who got certain builds? If so…

It was always about the BG-style party based tactical set piece combat. Dragon Age Origins I consider the last BioWare game that I feel is almost pure from EA taint. Even though it obviously had EA taint out of the gate. DLC NPCs in my camp!

It was also pretty hard if everyone forgets unless you ran two mages. There were some very good choices/consequence too. The town under siege, the child possessed by a demon, the elves vs the wild, the she-dwarf antagonist you almost wanted to side with…and I totally forget the rest because I haven’t played the game in such a long time. I do remember NWN2 did beat it to it’s landsraad moment if that is any possible cultural touchstone that still resonates in 2023. Doubtful.

Dragon Age 2 was dogshit combat with fodder enemies in copypasta environs over and over ad nauseum, MMO bosses that sucked, arughgh. And Anders. Fucking worst character ever produced. Fucking Anders! Nothing in the game mattered. I want to burn it out of my memory.