Dragon Age 4 - Before and after GaaS

It doesn’t mean much one way or the other. EA Edmonton has made two legitimately great games (ME2 and 3), one pretty good but certainly not great game (DA:Inquisition), one at best mediocre title that pissed off fans of the series (ME Andromeda), one shameful abortion (DA2), and of course Anthem.

But if you’re paying attention, DA:Inquisition was released in 2014 and that was the last “Bioware” game worth more than my skid-marked undies. 7 years ago-- and it certainly didn’t live up to their greats.

(SWTOR was a different studio altogether, EA Austin)

I thought we liked Andromeda now?

I still haven’t played it myself, although I bought it at release. Prevailing opinion these days I’ve seen is it was treated unfairly and stands up much better when compared to, well, Anthem.

…which isn’t very hard to do since Anthem is a disaster.


Who’s we? I’ve always liked it, but I don’t expect the internet to change its collective mind. ‘Andromeda, what’s that? Oh right, my face is tired, ha ha!’ But I even liked Anthem, so what do I know.

My discord icon is still Ryder’s hilariously huge smile.

I never finished Andromeda. Maybe I’ll give it another go over the long weekend since I have nothing to play. Battlefield 2042 is rubbish and I hate it and I’m almost done with Skyward Sword. There’s only so much Hades I can take right now.

Inquisition was terrible. DA2 was far better, and it was still mediocre.

I went into Andromeda years later with an open mind. It was … OK. Good, not great.

I just finished Inquisition and I wouldn’t say it was terrible. But I don’t seem to think many video games are ‘terrible.’ Or the ones I do, I just stop playing and don’t think about them anymore. Dunno. I am more forgiving than a lot of people about video game quality, maybe. Maybe that’s the color negative of my attitude toward movies.

Anyway. Each Dragon Age seemed to me to be a very different sort of CRPG. One was old Bioware style, one was… not… the third was going for more of a single player MMO vibe. Origins is still the best IMO. DA2 had a more compelling story to me than Inquisition, which got lost in its size and filler quests, but it was nice to see Varric again and I also liked the early quest when you get thrust forward in time. Also the fancy pantsy Orlesian ball was kinda fun, but I wish they had tried a bit harder to put a coat of painting over their France analogue.

I think Inquisition is the best game Bioware’s made since the original Dragon Age, and that is not as much praise as it might sound like. It has a lot of problems, but they aren’t as severe and fundamental as the ones in DA2 or ME2 (to say nothing of Anthem because…like, why say anything about Anthem), it’s one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played, and where ME3 is a pretty solid to excellent game but has a bunch of problems building on Mass Effect lore, DA:I is wholly redeemed by the really cool stuff it has to say about DA’s lore, which is widespread and - especially in Trespasser - easily compelling enough for me to push through the bland slog of the combat and ignore the tedious MMO filler around the edges. Oh, and Andromeda’s pretty good, y’all.

PS: Also frankly I loved the character writing and there is also a lot of that. They could have stood to bring Aveline in, but other than that.

Yeah, Inquisition was a good game. Not a great one, but a good game that I enjoyed very much. It’s one of just three Bioware games I’ve seen to the finish.

I enjoyed both DA:I and ME:A. No game is perfect and these weren’t, but I was entertained.

This is great, picking up Inquisition, thanks!

You are going to have a great time! I really enjoyed it - Especially the late DLC’s, actually, were awesome.

DA3 is fine. Andromeda is fine. Nothing to write home about, but they are comfort food. Similarly The Outer Worlds. (Not BioWare but it’s in the same ballpark)

What isn’t fine is DA2 and Neverwinter Nights (original campaign). Both are BioWare garbage tier.

DA2s reuse of environments is annoying but I enjoyed the game.

Yeah, I like DA2. I recognize the stuff it does poorly but it didn’t affect my enjoyment of the game.

I enjoyed DA2 more than Inquisition, as well, even all its faults.

Though I never did get too far in Inquisition. I may change my mind if I ever manage to go back to my saved game where I am just trying to focus on the main quest.

Now NWN, what a terrible game. I was bored to tears with that one.

DA2 was the best DA fight me