Dragon Age 4 - Before and after GaaS

DA2 Destiny Extended trailer had no quips, only Captain Janeway.

DAO’s Sacred Ashes trailer remains my favourite, because Claudia Black.

Oof, the Origins depiction of Qunari as “black people” hasn’t aged great.

They became “Moslems” instead!

I found a DA:I Rogue character with a Save here, so I think this is where I’ll resume from, when I resume. I’ve got a different character with a much earlier Save, but I don’t think I can do all the stuff yet again.

True, but you encounter that B.S. elsewhere, if I’m remembering correctly. I stopped doing the sidequest/collectathons in that first area and was having fun with the game and then in some large desert area got more sidequests to do, got bored and quit again.

Now, it’s my own fault, I didn’t have to do the optional stuff, just thought I’d take a break from main story and do some exploration and gain more XP and whatever the other points were called for the war room.

Still, my point is that stuff isn’t just in the first area of the game.

Don’t do the stuff that is not fun for you. Why is this so hard when it comes to this game? I didn’t scan through those skull thingies for whatever that crap was, or do extraneous fetch quests, and I’ve made it through multiple times.

I sure didn’t mind this in Guardians of the Galaxy.

It was also my favorite part of Dragon Age Origins, since it wasn’t turn based and didn’t allow you to queue commands like KOTOR and NWN 2 did, so combat wasn’t satisfying to me. But the constant dialogue between characters in my party wherever I went? Yes please. That’s what kept me going to the end in that game.

2 had great banter as well and the game overall is maligned generally for its move away from CRPG combat.

I love my Sarcastic-Hawke though.

Party banter is obviously different from the game talking to the player, but I rewatched some of the gameplay reveal and it didn’t seem that bad.

One other issue is they appear to be content with warping enemy waves into combat like Dragon Age 2, which was the weakest part of the game.

Fuck Dragon Age 2 and the rushed EA mandated development it road in on. That town fucking sucked. Anders/Justice is the worse. Sent Hawke to die in DA3 so I wouldn’t see his dumbass face ever again.

The series got ruined after the extreme highs of Awakening. Biggest fall I can think of from a sequel.

Wait, Awakening? The expansion pack? Does that one take place after your character dies in Origins? Who takes over the party?

Yes, and there are multiple ways your character doesn’t die in Origins. Like at least three. It wasn’t like Fallout 3 on release. One of them includes sex with a witch. Which I believe became canonical by DA3. Said witch has a kid in that.

I don’t remember all the outcomes, but I completed two playthroughs and my Grey Warden survived each (presumably via witch sex, which seemed like a no brainer). This sort of makes me want to finish a third playthrough, but I remember stalling out doing one a few summers ago because of all the fade stuff (and I had not even got to the Deep Roads yet!), so probably not. It’s still the BioWare game I look back on most fondly, so I’m mildly interested in a new one. Only mildly because I thought Inquisition was bad and I’m pretty sure no one who made Origins is around anymore so this might as well be a new series at this point.

It’s been a long time but in my game I remember either I had to die or Alistair had to die, and I couldn’t allow him to die, and there was a third option that I also refused to do, but I can’t remember what.

Yeah, there’s no way I’d ever let Alistair die.

I ended up abandoning my evil playthrough because it was too evil. Murdering a kid with a knife over the protests and cries of his mother…

You can have witch sex, which I believe is the path of least resistance. The offer is always made if Morrigan is alive/in your party.

Or you can die, or have Alistair die.

If you spared Loghain during the big meet, he can die instead also.

Right? I don’t remember much, but I remember he was the best. And that I had this idea that Dragon Age would be like Mass Effect and the consequences of random witch sex or a dead Alistair would be immediately bad in a sequel.

I guess since the sequel wasn’t like Mass Effect, I suppose random witch sex doesn’t seem that suspicious in retrospect.

It’s the ghostbusters rule: if a random witch asks you for sex, you say yes!