Dragon Age: Console Dumbdown

Sorry for another DA thraed, I just want to do a poll to confirm this.

  • Spoiler Alert *

In the mission to retrieve the Sacred Ash, there is a puzzle that involves an invisible bridge. Do your pieces disappear when you move away from the triggers?

Please post your answer along with your platform.


Yes/PC. They are supposed to disappear. It wouldn’t be much of a puzzle if they didn’t.


Actually I still think something wasn’t quite right with that puzzle, but I haven’t looked it up yet to see if it was more subtle than I thought.


They are supposed to because the whole point of the puzzle is you move 3 of your party members around activating triggers to get one person across.

That’s the kind of thing which makes the PC gamer in me happy. Malicious happy, but happy nonetheless.

Yeah, that puzzle was dumbed down for the console versions.

It must be hell trying to see what’s going in during combat on that little PSP screen.

How? Explain.

Also if someone could list all the console differences/dumbdown sections that would be dope.

basically the puzzle reset if you make a wrong move on PC, it doesn’t reset on 360.

On consoles, once a puzzle piece goes solid, it stays that way, so just running everyone around the puzzle unlocks it in short order.

Oh god, is that even a puzzle at that point? It was stupidly easy on the PC as it was.

Just curious if this is true.

I suppose BioWare has enough reasons to make this change grin.

I wonder if Tom would play this on 360, if he knew it is deliberately dumbdowned.

Reading his game dairy, he said that his first meaningful battle was 10 hour into the game, that is a huge contradiction to my experience on PC.

Are we supposed to be surprised? One just have to look at the classics of computer vs the classics of consoles, or the games considered as must-have in the last 3 years in different platforms. Or the fact in pc there are whole genres like adventures (puzzle driven) or tactical games (and whole strategy genre) which almost doesn’t exist in in consoles.
In one we have Deus Ex, in the other MGS. In one we have Thief, in the other Splinter Cell. In one we have Stalker as a popular fps, in the other Call of Duty.
Or all the games that were pc games but then a new sequel is designed for pc/consoles, not only the controls is changed and the graphics adjusted, the gameplay is also dumbed down, usually.

Keep grasping guys, you’re doing great!

Not trying to provoke the PC vs Console paradox again.

I just find it interesting that in the same game, not only the controls/UI are different on different platforms, but the gameplay is different too and some of these changes are not even technical bounded.

Another question, is there a “display names” button in console version too?

holy shit

Ok. Turn out the reason that this puzzle is dumbdowned on console version is because there are no hold position button, is that true?

How do you do basic maneuvers like ambush if there are no hold button?

There is a hold command on the console version.

I thought that puzzle was kind of annoying anyway to be honest. It was basically try and error in a reload fest. I suppose you could write down what each button did though.

A good puzzle example would be the riddle section in my opinion.

I wouldn’t have minded having that puzzle removed. It’s old, trite, and basically resolved by writing down what each plate triggers.

That, and you can’t even do the real solution – just bring some rope, or wooden planks.