Dragon Age: Console Dumbdown

Maybe they’ll put in a Towers of Hanoi where putting a bigger piece on a smaller one is legal!

Xbox 360, dude.

I hope this sentence is missing a comma.

I’m not sure why you’d need to reload, unless you were foolishly trying to push across the bridge before you had the puzzle solved.

I liked this puzzle. It wasn’t super hard, and Alistair gives you two big clues right up front, but it was still an interesting challenge.

A good puzzle example would be the riddle section in my opinion.

See, I was less excited about the riddles. They were all super easy, and then it was multiple choice, to boot. I like riddle games in theory, but it’s hard to pull them off in a game like this. That whole room wasn’t even a little bit challening–it was more like a room full of dialog than a real puzzle.

Don’t you solve the puzzle by getting one party member across, one-two tiles at a time by moving your other three party members around on the triggers?

Thus you would either have to memorize what all 10 tiles do or write it down.

oh and i didn’t have allister so nobody gave me clues.

I hope this sentence is missing a comma.

Works either way.

No, delusion. Also maybe wishful thinking.

I don’t believe PC gaming is dying. Changing, maybe, but not dying. However, some of the PC gaming fans make me wish it were, just so they’d be more unhappy than they already seem to be. I wonder how deep that rabbit hole goes.

Yeah, and all it takes is a couple Xbox live jaunts with some random pubbies and you’ll wish all their Xboxes would red ring.

Have you considered joining the forum Quarter to Three? You’d fit in well there. :)

You guys can’t get too uptight about my buddy Naeblis. Sometimes he forgets that this topic has been done to death by all the veterans here and it’s not really necessary to be so earnest about it.