Dragon Age Countdown

It’s a few days old now, but if anyone missed it or is interested, BioWare stuck up a teaser page (not a trailer, just a static web page) essentially stating that something is going to happen July 9th.

Didn’t notice if anyone posted this earlier, but disregard if so. My search-fu is low today.

Neato, thanks.

Sweet! Just 3 days away.

Uh oh. Looks like a new logo reveal.

Is this game party based now or not? I remember seeing really old screenshots showing a party, looking very much like BG3, but the most recent one was looking like a (nice) oblivion knock off.

Or a new platform reveal.

As far as I know, it’s always been billed as a party-based game. The lack of info over the years has kept us in the dark about details, though. Maybe July 9th will reveal more…because it, like, says so on the site. Here’s hoping.

Looks like they’re announcing a new handheld/console version… wouldn’t be too surprised to see some sort of DS spin-off.

I’m not so sure it is a platform announcement, although that’s a possibility. They haven’t even been getting people excited about the PC-exclusive version. Deflating any anticipation the DA-watchers have over this coming info by simply announcing a different platform would be a huge letdown. The only way that’d be worthwhile is if they announce another platform in conjunction with whatever other big news might be included.

Whatever it is, the silhouette is clearly the Dragon Age logo with a subtitle of some sort.

Maybe it’s a book tie-in!

I think they are going to announce Diablo III!

Or Dragon Age 2.

Perhaps they’re joining the Denis School of Make It A Trilogy!

Dave Gaider + EA = first “pay per quest” RPG.

Continuing the tradition of worthless posts since 2003.

I bet you’re just loads of fun at parties.

Seriously, there’s more to life than being a sandy vagina about video games on an internet forum. Go outside. It’s that place outside your windows and doors.

IIRC the original articles talked about using a lower KotOR-style, over-the-shoulder camera angle for exploring, which automatically pulled to an isometric or 3/4 view for combat (ala Baldur’s Gate). The idea was to use the more immersive viewpoint for exploring, but the more strategic viewpoint for planning tactics during combat.

You can play NWN2 that way, in theory. I’m not convinced that’s a good way to go.

That sounds like it makes too much sense for it to be real. I thought making WRPG combat systems with any semblance of tactical depth had fallen out of favour.

Generally I think it’s best to stick with fixed perspectives unless the alternate perspectives are designed (and enforced) to specific goals. The problem with NWN2 is that instead of settling on a camera system (or mixed camera system) and designing to that (or vice versa), they just gave the players so many options that the camera worked against the gameplay as often as it worked with it.

Will Wright discussed this recently in an interview (and it’s showed up in other Spore videos). In Spore, the camera reacts to both your play style and the gameplay at the time. For example, the cellular level looks like it plays like a 2D game, but when you become a creature it switches to a 3D camera mode. It then chooses a perspective based on whether you are controlling your creature with a mouse or WASD. Then as you move on to the next tiers (tribal, civ, and space) the camera changes to fit the gameplay. In the interview he says some really interesting things about making the computer better playmates, responding (or guessing) at what you’re trying to do and enabling that.