Dragon Age Countdown

If emo kids actually looked like that, they would be a lot more fun.

Wasn’t Dragon Age announced back when Jade Empire was in development? Haven’t they announced and released Mass Effect since then? I know it’s been a while, but seriously. I’m glad they’re open, but I’d expect a lot more details. Maybe they’re trying the “play coy” game, and the June 9th announcement is them saying “we’ve gone gold”.

There are no doors at NMA. Or windows. Or intelligent life.

Ha! and what a Bizzaro-Blizzard move that would be.

They announced DA very early in it’s development to calm the PC gamers who they knew would be upset about Jade Empire, which was presented as console only until after it was released. We don’t really know when they went into full production.

That said, it is time for them to release some more details, though I don’t think there is any reason to think the game will be out until 2009.

No really.


There is only Draikin.

Wearing clown makeup.

Holding a knife.

With no pants.

Welcome to NMA. D:

actually, I think Draikin is an rpg codexer

which isn’t all that much better than NMA, if at all

I so can’t wait for this game!

My guess:

Dragon Age: I Caught a Fish This Big

Dragon, Aged: The Fantasy RPG Nursing Home Sim!

Dragon, aged in oak barrels for ten years!

Me too. Of course, because of the lack of details, the Dragon Age in my head has all the quest richness of Baldur’s Gate, a better graphical engine, even better writing, equally memorable NPC’s, a better character/levelling system, (my mind hasn’t worked out the details for this one yet) and a combat engine just as good as TOEE’s… except without the bugs.

Hopefully once reality kicks in I’ll still be enthused about this game. But hey… it’s got “Dragon” in the title. It’s already halfway there to making me love it.

collection of random dev comments about Dragon Age. Interesting stuff, I guess they could be considered spoilers, no idea on how close to the final product they will be.

Seriously, if you consider bits of general information about the tone and systems that a game uses to be spoilers you should reassess your devotion to fiction and fantasy. You may in fact have children starving somewhere in your house.

(not directed at lizard)

That’s an odd direction, given the title.

It’s also noted, in the middle of all those posts, that some of those aspects might have been true in earlier builds, but not current ones. I’m guessing that those dev quotes were collected over a long period of time and some of them no longer apply. Still, it sounds like an interesting setting that Bioware has crafted.

edited of sensification

The game is not about dragons, however, and the main character has no special relation to them. Nor are they some dominant feature of the world or the story.

Wait, what, really? So it could be called Murderous Pantomiming Transvestite Clown Age for all it matters? And, and we once made fun of Dungeon Siege’s name! Hell it had dungeons that you even arguably laid siege to!

While it’s pretty much July 9th everywhere, apparently Bioware really meant sometime late in the afternoon on the 9th, Edmonton time.

Hmm. I don’t see anything about enslaving entire nations with necromancy in there. :)