Dragon Age Countdown

Its the 9th. Bring me my Dragon Age info!!!

The word from up on high is that the reveal won’t happen until sometime in the afternoon.

Noooo… I want it now!

I’d recommend waiting until people at bioware at least get out of bed.

There better be some god-damn dragons in this game.

Four in the afternoon? Well ok.

I’m pretty psyched

Blarg. If there’s an update it won’t be any sooner than 5PM EST.


Release Date: Q1 2009. Pfft. Screw that. I am not looking out of spite for their vile, tempting actions. That’ll learn 'em to toy with my emotions like this.

If? Why would they say “IF”, weren’t they the ones that set the date?

If there is no update, someone in PR should get 50 lashes.

Clearly, bioware isn’t nearly as good at this as blizzard.

It’s my birthday, goddamnit, this better be good. I deserve it and stuff!!!

It feels like dragon age has been promised for a seriously long time with no real information, so out of curiosity I did some digging. Dragon age has been in development since december 2002; it was first announced at E3 in may 2004 and reportedly had been in development for 18 months at that time. Its first real release date was holiday 2007, which it obviously missed. This game has been a long time coming; baldur’s gate two was completed about two years, and it was frickin’ huge. My guess is that dragon age has stopped and restarted development several times through the past six years as its dev team was reshuffled to the game du jour; NWN1, NWN1:HOTU, KOTOR, jade empire, and mass effect. Now that all those games are completed and their only other titles are either off-site with the star wars MMO or a bit further out with mass effect 2, they’re finally back in the dragon age business.

Don’t forget their Sonic RPG for the DS. :P

I’m doing my best to forget it!

Baldur’s Gate took more than two years. Among other things, it was delayed by a year from its original release date of Fall 1997 so they could add a more robust multiplayer component.

The DA news is coming… and other stuff this week.

Some ME news…

Some NWN news…

It all should be coming out this week, pending any other unforseen issues.

I said baldur’s gate 2.

ME news is what, Mass Effect 2 probably? or maybe just DLC for the PC version?

NWN news? Other than the new NWN2 expansion pack what could this be, hmmmm??? NWN3 using D&D 4.0? :O