Dragon Age: Inquisition



— Alan


I am not sure if it is a 1st or 3rd person game. In any case, that is a big change for the series. If they are going for some open world feel then I am interested. I am guessing this will be Origin only too.


In the little clips they show in that video, they only show 3rd person running around. I didn’t see any 1st person perspective clips at all.


FINALLY they’ve come around to realize that what the world really needs is more 3rd person action games. About time.



Bioware, I’m drawing a line in the sand. I will no longer purchase your games until you use a plot other than “unite squabbling groups to combat larger threat.”


Referencing Baldur’s Gate and talking about “reconnecting with our fans” leads me to believe that they realize how much goodwill they squandered with their stance that the old fans could take a hike because their new fans liked their art-for-art’s sake design philosophy. That’s good I suppose. I still don’t see anything to alter the sense I had, after finishing DA:Origins the second time, that their weltanschauung and mine had departed significantly. They are excellent tellers of tales that I am uninterested in experiencing.


BioWare used to be an easy day 1 purchase from me. I can’t say that now.


I loved both Dragon Age games and all three Mass Effect games, so even though this is such a departure from classic Baldur’s Gate gameplay (which makes me a bit sad), I still know I’ll enjoy Inquisition on its own merits.


Is this a spin-off game then? I had assumed it was Dragon Age 3, though I guess really this is the natural progress from tactical excellence that comprised the combat of Origins to the third person action of this new one, given how DA2 turned out.

I really hope they announce cover based ranged and spell combat, QTE’s, and cameras that zoom almost right up the actors nose when they are speaking to really drive home how much less of a shit I’m starting to give about Dragon Age. What a fall from grace - DA:O is one of my favorite party based RPG’s of all time. This doesn’t even look party based, it’s like they just want to jump on the Skyrim band wagon. Sigh.


I’m expecting the underwater level to be underblood this time around.


The two seconds of combat in the accompanying video has me intrigued as a more modern era fan of Bioware. If they are moving more towards the Mass Effect style of party combat I’ll be fine with that. Give me the ability to control my teammates abilities on the fly, pause as I need to, and I’ll be very content. I realize this will make a lot of BG2 fans unhappy, though.

What I do not want to see is some half-assed implementation that tries to be the best of both worlds. I don’t think that ever works out well.

I would also like them to rekindle my interest in the game universe, as DA2’s overarching story was only made tolerable by Hawke’s friends and their side stories.


Unfortunately, the game universe, with its dumb back-story and standard fantasy tropes, just fails to move me. It all just seems so dull, really, except for the absurd lapses of logic that abound everywhere. From the first hour or so of game 1 - touch their blood and die! - oops, looks like the party is now completely drenched in blood… to the total insanity of almost all the party members in game 2 - sorry, I have to betray you now, why? because it’s in my script, nothing I can do… the whole thing just annoyed me. Then you throw in the godawful attempt at relationships and sex and the weak combat system and the linear levels… sigh.

The only thing I really liked was the party banter. That was really inspired, I have to admit. Just as in the ME games, where the side quest writing and little sub-stories were superbly done, but the main story was inane. I wonder if they can just fire their creative leads and promote whoever it was who did all the secondary stuff?


I don’t think you’ll run into many people expecting BG3 out of a DA game. Rather, you’ll find a lot of dissappointed DA Origins fans who didn’t like what they did with DA2 and are hopeful that Bioware will manage to recapture a little magic.


What are you talking about? DA2 is basically what you ask for except for the controlling team mates (effectively) on the fly. They already moved towards a mass effect style.

I can accept the more action’y game play. I think it is clearly worse than DA1, but i can accept it. What i disliked was the disjointed, mediocre campaign and the budget game level of map variety. The time skips also completely sucked (This is your enemy, he killed your sister in that story we told you about in the loading screen, remember?).

But i won’t buy any bioware game on day one these days. The company is too bipolar to deserve that level of trust. I simply can’t be sure what kind of game i’m going to get when i buy a bioware game, even if it is a sequel to a gamer i’ve already played.


That describes me perfectly, at least. I really enjoyed DA I, but II had many flaws.


The Dragon Age series has been a real rollercoaster for me. I was extremely excited about DA: Origins and even read one of the books before the game was released. I really enjoyed DA: O but when I saw all of the pre-release information for DA 2 I was worried. I remember being put off by all of the changes I saw before the release of DA 2 and ended up not even buying it until it was in sale many months later. However, I am VERY excited for the release of DA 3, and the reason is that DA 2 wasn’t really as bad as I was expecting. I suppose I have lowered expectations brought about by internet hate to thank for that.

I’ve been playing though both Origins and DA 2 at the same time and I really like both but for very different reasons. The combat in DA:O is much better than DA 2. In DA:O, positioning is so important and pausing every second is a must in order to get out of each encounter in one piece. With DA 2 I simply click on a monster and wait for the second wave to appear. I get no sense of strategy or tactical maneuvering and the limited camera has a lot to do with that. However I find myself enjoying the character design (graphics and story/personality) more in DA 2 than I did in DA:O. As far as level design goes, I’m not thrilled with either, to be honest. I think the levels are too dang big in DA:O (I almost quit during the Deep Roads) and too small in DA 2.

I’m hoping that DA: I can address my complaints with the series, but I honestly feel Dragon Age has been a worthy successor to the old Baldur’s Gate games. The world building is fantastic and I really love what the producers have done with fleshing out Thedas. Bioware are saying all the right things for this release (they weren’t for DA 2) and DA: I will be a day one purchase for sure.


To think i used to visit Bioware’s site and forums every day, once upon a time. I used to believe they could do no wrong, but these days I’m not even paying attention. The first Dragon Age was the last time I felt hopeful of something good, and it felt like a shallow step back. I’ve never played ME3 or DA2, and DA3 doesn’t look like it’s going to change that.


It is the inevitable decline that I think most of us feared when Bioware was acquired by EA. I figured DA:O was relatively safe since it was already pretty far down the development path when that happened, and I even felt DA2 wasn’t all that bad. But in the aftermath of DA2 my interest in the setting dropped off dramatically. This is definately a “wait and see” game.

Meanwhile, it seems like (with one or two exceptions) the type of RPGs I want to play are going to come from Kickstarters. Three of the next four RPGs I’m looking forward to are that type.


After DA2 and ME3 and the EA acquisition and the founders leaving Bioware my interest in their games has dropped to exactly zero. Certainly no preorder, maybe a bargain bin purchase depending on reviews.


Yeah, they really needed to either stay the same, or go full action like the witcher. The half ass mash the button for the basic attack thing they did didn’t satisfy everyone