Dragon Age: Inquisition


If you enjoy the game, I recommend doing the last dlc, Trespasser. It’s a good way to end the game.


GOTY had always just upgraded on Steam. Can’t imagine why Origin would do differently but I guess it is Origin.


Hmm, wonder where I left my savegames for this game.


EA stopped putting their games on steam after me2 da2 etc and those orphaned ea games had their own unique problems.


Exactly. Plus I have a somewhat hybridized version, bought the base retail one and then upgraded it to deluxe via origin access. Are descent and jaws really needed? I hated deep roads in Origins.


I enjoyed playing through all the dlc, and I say that as someone who thinks a third of the original game should have been cut. Yeah, only Trespasser is story essential, but descent and jaws are respectively the best linear and open zones in the game - but that’s just my take on it.


The DLC was better than the game. I couldn’t ever get into that story whatever it was in the main campaign. Something about a green hurty hand and a hole in the sky. And that combat UI was terrible on the pc (better after a patch). Makes you wonder what Bioware was thinking. Looks like they continued it in Mass Effect Andromeda.
ps I have to agree, the mage was the least worse type to play.


I plowed through the initial game when it came out, despite horrible load times and a lackluster story, but every repeat effort to try it again with a different toon lasts for an hour or two and then I’m done.

Remember in early 2010 when Mass Effect 2 came out and was such a great game. And it had been preceded by just a few months by Dragon Age 1? Bioware could do no wrong in my book for those few years. Now I wouldn’t pre-order anything from them and wouldn’t buy until I heard a pretty strongly positive consensus on it.


So I’m a bunch of hours in now, made the same mistake of sticking around the initial boring zone for too long, but finally remembered that was a terrible idea and got out. One thing I totally forgot was the bullshit facebook timer games, where you send your 3 little dudes out on missions and have to wait an hour of real time for them to finish. I can’t figure out why they thought that was a good idea. Did EA sell “energy” to speed up the missions or something?


I actually found out later it matters which person you assign to those. I always assigned whoever was free.


Yeah, you can get slightly better rewards, and the “right” person usually takes less time. So like, 42 real minutes rather than an hour.

Still makes no sense why they would do that facebook game crap.


The FB Dragon Age Legends game coincided with DA2 right?


No. But I wish I lived in that universe.


Nah, their idea was to find an artificial draw to bring you back to the game for future play sessions. Send someone out on a day+ mission, and your brain will try to remind you to come back to the game.


All these ‘add on’ mobile/FB games died (galaxy map for mass effect war effort etc.) and it sucks how some of them were not quite integral but had a small part in the overall game experience.


Wikipedia says it was designed by David Gaider but I thought the FB game had some top talent designer like Soren Johnson on it.


As Facebook games went the Dragon Age one was probably one of the best ones I tried. That is not saying much.


IIRC ME Andromeda had a similar Strike system with microtransactions.

I liked the war room. It helped me feel like I was the inquisition leader guy, with agents doing something while I explored. Most of the timers were short enough that they weren’t a problem.

Shards aren’t worth the time.


Similar but much worse because they had no narrative context or relevance to the main game mode (other than being the excuse for the multiplayer from a fictional standpoint). And really astonishingly terrible payouts.


The intention behind war table missions was decent (make you feel like you are in charge of large organization) but all it amounts to is a filler bullshit, like 99% of sidequests in this game, which is a shame.

In other news I got to Kaer Mor… Skyhold and it is kind of crazy how large it is and how many NPCs and what not there are to talk to. I spent like two hours there just talking to people. Dorian is fun.