Dragon Age: Inquisition


Hope that’s good news for the direction of ubigames. Sounds like it…


Considering the last two Creed games have gone more into RPG like territory that’s not a surprising hire.


TGA trailer for whatever the next Dragon Age is going to be, I think:


T how on earth does that connect with anything else Dragon Age? I don’t recall any weird mummies and dread wolves. I do recall a lotta sand and open areas.

Sigh at least the first game made some sorta sense.


Huh, I am not even a massive fan of the Dragon Age franchise and I know how the whole Dread Wolf thing ties into Dragon Age: Inquisition and possible sequels to its story. Maybe it was tied to the DLC or something that was hidden behind playing as a Female Elf and romancing Solas, I honestly don’t remember it has been that long since I booted the game up.

Either way, that was Solas’ voice at the end of the teaser trailer and the humanoid figure in the artwork. Won’t say much more about it without spoiler tags lest I spoil something for someone.


The Dread Wolf is the Dalish god of betrayal and rebellion. Although as the stinger of Inquisition reveals, and Trespasser goes into more detail about, you know him better as Solas


Hopefully it’s more Origins and less Inquisition.

But honestly, I’m hoping it isn’t a dark souls clone.


I read somewhere that DA4 is 3 years away. Not even worth worrying about right now.


I’m cautiously optimistic. Without Laidlaw at the helm it might even be worth playing.


As hyperflawed as Inquisition was, I ended up liking it quite a lot, particularly with Tresspaser, and Solas was great character, so I am tentatively glad they are going in that narrative direction.

But yeah 3 years away means zero hype for now.


I’m pretty sure that we’ve left the Bioware that would ever do anything like Origins behind as of, well, Origins. But I’d take more Inquisition at this point. It’s got a bunch of dumb decisions in it for sure but it comes through on the stuff I was actually there for - characters, story, loredrops, etc.


The part where you are lost in the snow, and end finding a new place was glorious. Not for the snow part (walking slow suck in videogames), but the story effects and your relation to the npcs and the world.


Yeah it had some great moments for sure. If only they could have excised all the lame MMO stuff and put in better combat, it would be a 9 for me.


Solas is the Dread Wolf, that was revealed at the end of DAI. And the ‘mummy’ is the red lyrium idol from DA2.


Just noticed the DLCs are available on Access. Inquisition was so long ago I feel I could do some more and find it quite fresh. Hakkon then maybe Trespasser would be the recommended order right?


Trespasser is the end of the game, do any other dlc first.


The Descent one is also pretty good, if not necessarily to the same degree as the other two. IMO all of it is better than the base game, and Hinterlands aside, I think it’s a good game overall.


That would be great, but I am sure it also isn’t going to happen. DA combat is a long way from DS combat.


It’s got some pretty interesting parts for the grander narrative about the world (though who knows if that will continue coherently after Inquisition).