Dragon Age: Inquisition

Shale was a golem. And yeah they got some flak for putting DLC at release and freaking in game.

Shale (who is a she) is the best character in the game and possibly any of Bioware’s games.

You know looking back over Dragon Age as a whole …. I really cannot complain. Yeah there were some odd moves in Inquisition - but the characters and story made up for it. Sure 2 was in one seemingly similar area’d city --well, it was still pretty great overall. And one is a top 5 RPG of all time (btw the dlc in that one is pretty good too).

If I was to complain about this franchise I would say the never ending deserts in Inquisition made little to no sense. (That one huge zone – I just lost interest in there).

BTW like I mentioned above --pretty cool dragon fights in Inquisition… I look forward without any negativity towards Bioware’s next Dragon Age ! (God only knows what they’ll make us experiment with this time…)

Completely agree with all of this, and you’re really just getting started on the additional changes DA2 made for the worse, like the graphical style, the treatment of magic in general (being dangerous, unbalanced and less prevalent), to the racial tensions and more adult content (particularly in the origins), the tactical setpiece combat to just groups of respawning enemies around.

DA2 has some great writing and I actually like its more intimate story-telling, but it’s so different from what I still believe to be the best spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate 2 (and one of the best fantasy RPGs ever) that it was incredibly disappointing.

Dragon Age Origins is still outstanding, and much more fun to me than Pillars 1.

I haven’t gone back and replayed it since Pillars but I suspect you are right. I am currently at the backend of a playthrough of the Baldur’s Gate saga. Most choice really comes down to kill, or don’t kill. My party is evil. Let the murder flow.

When I finish I might proceed to Origins since it is simply the next game in the same lineage.

Yeah, I’m on BG again as well, just hit chapter 5. Even for being a dated game these days, it still just does so many things well. And as I recall, BG2 even moreso.

“Moreso” is BG2’s middle name.

Extremely fair. Man that game was huge for its day. I haven’t played it since right after release, so I’m kinda excited to run through it all again.

I assume you are all playing the new updated releases of BG and BG2? Any problems with them? I tried the updated Fallout 1 and it ran screwy on my machine, while the original ran without a problem.

I’m actually playing it on my phone. Things have been slow at work lately…

Has anyone used a fps unlock mod cutscenes for this game and did you run into any issues? Constant transitions to 30 fps convo scenes are extremely jarring, plus there seems to be some stutter in them.

edit: Controller detection in this game is so unbelievably bad (launching through Steam). I had to restart the game 3 times now before it started to work.

It’s touchy, especially if you are plugging your controller in right after you start launching the game.

I think the issue might be that I’m using a bluetooth interface, and not the MS wireless adapter. Fwiw I don’t have any issues on Steam games, but for this one I had to enable Xbox gamepad support in steam controller configs - looks like it works on a passthrough principle.

I forgot, is there anything to do with old gear other than sell it? I can’t find any way to dismantle it.

Finally played DA:I after having bought it when it first came out. I bounced it off it pretty hard when I first played it but when back to it due to lockdown.

The combat was pretty awful and I don’t think I’ve ever picked up so many quests by reading bits of paper.

The whole thing does have the feeling that somebody played WoW and said let’s do that but worse. I was never a hardcore player and played casually for a couple of years. I started after Burning Crusade had come out and drifted away before Cataclysm but every starting region was more interesting than pretty much anything in DA:I

The lore of DA was really dragged me back and I did enjoy the story, characters and revisiting that world. Not having played for so long though I remembered Morrigan, Alastair, Hawke and Varric but that was about it.

I’ve not played any of the DLC but have enjoyed it enough to go back to Origins.
Again I’m hazy after 11 years and discovered that I remember very little. It’s been nice to go back and encounter Morrigan, Leliana and Cullen for the first time.

I must admit though having been playing BG3 and Crown of the Magister recently even the Origin’s combat feels over-simplistic.

I’ll be interested in whether it keeps enough interest to move on to DA2 or maybe the DA:I dlc.

BG3? What? That’s out???

No, but you can spoil yourself on it by paying them to beta test for them. (I.e., it’s in early access.)

Inquisition’s DLC is two zones that are both better than pretty well any zones in the base game, and then a really important narrative epilogue with some cool reveals and encounters. It’s worth it. Also a couple of the fights aren’t completely trivial.

Yes it’s early access and changing quite a bit. I’ve just been having a look and not playing it that seriously but what they have in early access is very good.

I keep hearing Trespasser DLC is really good and will definitely go back to it. I’m enjoying the nostaligia of Origins for the moment. Lots of ‘oh yeah’ moments of half memories are keeping that interesting on this play through.

Older post so sorry if you already got the answer, but you can remove add-ons at the upgrade station to put on better items. Other than that, trash is trash in single player. I believe stuff can be broken down into components in multiplayer, but I’ve never bothered.