Dragon Age: Inquisition


Do what?

Sign off your letters to the public with “Ma serannas”?


Leave Bioware?


Mix up the Laidlaws.


At least he didn’t type Bob Loblaw.


Damn it! Thought he was working on something with Dragon Age 4. Hope it’s not going in the trash can.


I bought the DLC pack and have started a new play-through of this. Elven archery rogue this time around. I think I played a melee rogue in my attempt at a second round of DA:O once, otherwise I’ve not played the class.

I’ve only just begun, made it to the Hinterlands and have done some stuff there. Level 5 or so.

Some of my comments from back when this was my GOTY are starting to come back to me:

I played a mage last time, and so far the gameplay with an archer feels a bit less fun. It feels more ARPG-y than I remember. I am playing on normal this time around since hard didn’t really add much last time. The inventory and interface in general is worse than I remember.

But man, it is a gorgeous game. Looking quite good in 1440p since I’ve upgraded since last time.

I also had forgotten how much I liked the War Table. I could play an entire game made out of that! One thing is how you expend power to do many of the operations, which pulls you back into doing more stuff to build the Inquisition. Are there any other games with something similar? I guess I should return to Pillars of Eternity and see if the Keep-thing there was any fun… though, I put that on hold in wait for the 1.04 patch…


Ah - the rogue archer and the mage I think are the worst classes IMO. I played as a rogue melee as well for my first and complete playthrough, and I think that still is my favourite, even though I quite enjoyed being any kind of sword wielder. Mages and arches tend to just have to stand around continously shooting, and that quickly becomes boring. Plus you’ll have to use the tactical mode more to move around the other fellas to protect you, but with melee attacks I didn’t have to bother with that.

The Trespasser DLC has some fun extra trophys if you’re up for a few challenges, I quite enjoyed a few of them =)


I never found the archer or mage fun in any of the DA games and archer is my go-to class in most RPGs.

Rogue dual daggers all the way. Backstabbing never gets old.


I recall really enjoying the archer in DA2


Except in this game, apparently!

I’d still like to play this if I ever have infinite time.


Also: The tedium of picking up stuff…


I downloaded a mod that makes that instant. I don’t have time for ‘picking stuff up’ animations.


Merry Christmas, you filthy animals.



I tried playing this in 2015 about a month after TW3, which wasn’t a good idea. I got to Hinterlands, saw all those MMO-like quests and bailed.

But now I don’t have anything to play (would get God of War but I let a friend borrow my PS4) so I am giving it a second chance. I accepted that lot of quests are fetch nonsense and combat isn’t great and…I am so far somewhat enjoying it. Hinterlands are nice to explore and it is refreshing to play a protagonist with voice and some agency after Far Cry 5 and its dumb mute.

Here is hoping I can make it through this time :)


I forgot I started new playthrough!


I never started a first play through! Why did I buy this game!


I never finished this, I got to one of the giant desert zones and said NOPE and quit.

You could just tell it was meaningless filler added to stretch the game length even more. :(


I enjoyed this quite a bit when it came out, even though it still didn’t quite capture the tactical satisfaction of the first game, it was a lot closer to what I wanted the second one to be and it is super nice looking. Huge, lots to dig into, for sure. But really easy to burn yourself out - I remember many folks giving up after playing for hours in the starting area/zone when they could have left very quickly, but had assumed they shouldn’t.

But, for the life of me, I just cannot get back into it. I know I would probably enjoy revisiting it, but every time I install it I play for an hour or two and then never get back to it, eventually uninstalling it. I must have started a new game in this 4 times now after beating it at launch. No idea why.


Yeah - remember you don’t have to ‘complete’ the Hinterlands in one go. Mix it up with other areas for a more enjoyable time.


I forget what the dwarf area was called, but it was my favorite part of the entire game. Seeing them giant abandoned halls. Mmmm.