Dragon Age: Inquisition


I enjoyed the game, for whatever it’s worth. I never finished it, but then I almost never finish any game.

Things I liked:

  • NPC’s with personalities. Not always enjoyable personalities, but the voice-acting helped immersion.
  • The concept of agents doing various missions with differing levels of skill, and having those run real-time as opposed to game-hours. That let me send them off to do long tasks just as I was getting ready to wrap up shop for the evening (yes, this system can be cheated by changing your system clock, but why?).
  • Base building is fun. While it can be a little dry at times, it was nice to see my efforts out in the world reflected at home.

What I didn’t like:

  • Generic mob combat (wasn’t all the time, but frequent enough to be boring)
  • Imbalanced character classes; Origins was OP with mage, DAII “underpowered” and caused some complaints on that, and DA-I went back to OP mages. In addition, some prestige classes kinda suck in terms of balance, but look interesting.
  • Fetch quests. Sometimes it seems like the curse of MMO’s will never leave SP RPG’s.


Another dumb thing in this game was the frequency of combat, mobs were just spaced out to cause combat every few minutes without any logical reason for them being there. :(


Yeah, it wouldn’t have been so bad if you could clear them out and keep them cleared, but of course they just kept on respawning all the time. Just plain annoying. I lost interest in the game toward the end, never finished it.


Yep pretty much these complaints I all share.

MMO-like quests are just…the worst.

And boring combat. I am playing on normal (as usual) warrior with a shield and I pretty much hold R2 and occasionally press some other button for some skill power or heal potion…and that’s it.

Some people complained about Witcher 3 combat, but that game is the epitome of combat fun compared to this, with its parries, ripostes, dodges, rolls, bombs, potions, rend, whirl, signs…

Why there is no dodge in this game at least, I don’t know. Maybe I am missing something? Probably not.

I just went to that Orlais city at least. It is tiny square but it looks nice.


It had two desert zones, one of which was almost all padding.


Finished the game myself but everyone’s complaints are all valid. The only way I got through was to keep switching areas to avoid monotony. The story itself wasn’t enough to motivate you to progress like it was in Origins.


DA:I was my GOTY in 2014, despite the warts. From the Quarterly thread:

1. Dragon Age Inquisition.
Even though there’s a lot I found lacking in the game (playing on hard the battles felt grindy, boring loot, crafting system that could use some improvements, cumbersome inventory system, tactical mode wasn’t all that), the stuff that worked made up for it (most of the characters, the beautiful environments, the sense that the Inquisition made changes to the areas they engaged). Also: How is it possible to screw up a fantasy version of the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer?


Man this game is kind of a bummer. So far I have been in

Fallow Mire
Storm Coast
Forbidden Oasis

All these maps look beautiful. Graphics is great. But the “stuff” to do in each is the exact same, and it is pretty much all MMO nonsense.

Which wouldn’t even be that bad if

  • combat was fun
  • there was any music

But for some bizzare reason, after Bioware used beautiful soundtracks on BG, ME and Kotor games, starting with Inquisiton and continuing with Andromeda, they basically leave 95% of playtime silent. For me, good music is 80% of overall atmosphere. So this is just bizzare.

As for combat, I was so bored with my sword and shield dude I respeced to try two handed. I unlocked the roll move (yay at least it is in the game) and some whirlwind and if nothing else, at least it looks quite cool.

I am not sure if I have it in me to finish this game though. Maybe I really just need to hightail it and go for main quest only.


I restarted twice, tried a fighter, then switched to rogue and finally ended up finishing the game as a mage. Combat just wasn’t fun, but the mage elements were the best of the bad options IMHO (you can stand still and fire spells rather than chasing around like a lunatic). As you suggested, ignore the side quests and just focus on main quest and colleague quests.


Go for it, you can finish the areas later. The story quests are the best part of the game IMO.

The power system will force you to do some of the boring stuff for awhile. Closing rifts is the quickest way to gain more.


I have about 40 power so hopefully that is enough for a while.
I opened some doors in the oasis temple but jeeeez to open them all it requires all the shards? Guess I am never getting all that is there.


Awesome that there seems to be a revival of sorts on this!

I’m about 140 freaking hours into Persona 5 and yes I do enjoy it (otherwise I’d have to be a masochist?) and am a game finisher I’d been thinking ahead to the next game. Decided it would be this one independently! Coincidence? Or the Hive Mind?


I need to get back into this game. I really like it. There is too much filler compared to story, but there is still a ton of story.


20 hours in I finally played my first interesting quest! time travel!

Then closing the breach and what happens afterwards was pretty cool. I am finally somewhat invested and actually look forward to playing more.


I agree. I think that DA:I overcorrected a bit in terms of “stuff to do”. The story is pretty fun though and I wish it had moved along at a bit faster clip. I suppose getting the pacing right in a story is a tricky bit of business though.


This thread inspired me to take another look at DA:I. I originally bounced off the game after around 10 hours in. So I booted up Origin, looked at the title, and… there’s FIFTY-FIVE DOLLARS of DLC to get the full experience. Surely, that can’t be right.

So I kept looking, and found a DLC bundle… for THIRTY DOLLARS. For a four year old game.

Fuck it.


LOL - gotta love EA and their pricing philosophy


That’s really weird, because I’ve seen the full version with all DLC for sale for around $10. Pretty sure that’s what I paid.


Yeah, I think I got the GOTY edition for $14.99 iirc. Inquisition is often on steep sale, but the non-sale price rarely moves. I suspect it’s to keep the perceived value of EA’s subscription service up.


If you don’t mind cdkeys.com, they have the GOTY version for $15