Dragon Age: Inquisition


I liked the timed war table stuff too. I absolutely hate it in a mobile game because it’s only in the mobile game to be annoying so you are encouraged to pay to skip it. But in DA it’s fine, it’s just something you check in on whenever you happen to be back doing stuff at your big castle. It’s not stopping me from playing the actual game and it does give a sense of things happening in the background.


The thing with War Table and the galaxy map war effort, I was there was a better way to clue in the player ahead of time on how you could affect outcomes.


Dont forget the loot mule!


The dog in Torchlight was great.


Yeah, lots of innovation in the OG Dungeon Siege. Partial potions, too. Nobody listened and now here I am in 2018 deleting items to free inventory space.

Sending pets back to sell your crap works too, if a bit less elegant than a transmute phat lewt to gold spell.


I still think the Bard’s Tale ARPG from a few years back did it best - of the loot is lower quality than you’re carrying, or it’s just random crap, it just turns into gold when you touch it.


I’m fine doing that for vendor trash, but think it may be a step too far towards convenience on usable items.


Why though? A +5 long sword is quantitatively better than a +4 longsword.


You can have like 10 NPC companions and all can be respecced at any time. So you might want to turn Cassandra into a 2H wielder, but the game already autosold all the 2Handers that dropped because Iron Bull already had a better one.


Respec’ing is wishy washy. Pick a build and stick with it, I say.


65 hours later…

So, this game is an OCD resistence training tool. The good thing is, it broke my OCD!

I did all the quests, even all the meaningless ones (which is pretty much all of them), rifts, all that…

But then I got to Hissing Wastes. Wow. That place was so utterly boring that it finally broke me and I said fuck it and now I will just beeline it to the companion and main quests. Yay!

It is weird how I can see so much work and effort in this game, but the quest design is so incredibly poor. And the lack of music then kills the atmosphere. What a shame.

I do enjoy most of the dialogue, NPC companions, the graphics…so I will finish it for sure.


Yep that is where I tapped out also, never finished the main quest I was so demoralized.


Huh. Me as well.


All the MMO/open-world crap is terrible in this game. But the main quest and many of the companion quests are just plain excellent. The Winter Palace is particularly spectacular, although I could do without the timed bits.


I can only imagine it was simply a matter of priorities and costing. That one Winter Palace area maybe cost more to develop than all the MMO stuff combined (especially with the voice acting).

Alright, maybe not that bad. But I bet the MMO stuff was cheap.


Sure, but the game would have been better with all the MMO crap removed, every bit of it, and one (1) additional Winter Palace quality area.


When I was running around there, I also had that “what am I doing with my life, why am I wasting my time on this?” thought. It really is dreadful.

Yep. They could cut down the number of maps in half, remove all the MMO stuff, instead add some more properly designed sidequests and the game could have been much better for it.


I feel the same way. I WANT to like this game but it is just extremely dull. Maybe not Neverwinter Nights dull, but there’s just lots to do but no compelling reason to do it. I like some of the characters, the art design is good, music is fine, but gameplay-wise it’s such a bore. I keep trying to go back to it. Thought I would just skip all the MMO type stuff and stick to the main quest, but I don’t have a reason to care.

And I actually finished (and enjoyed, up until the ending) DA 2.


It makes me happy that people are dusting this game off agains, since it’s seriously on the top 3 of my best games EVER. Maybe even nr.1.
Andromeda might be on my top…5. or 10.

And I loved ALL about DA:I. Seriously. All the side quests (YES even the shard things - I god damn collected them all). And the fact that the War Room-quests had different outcomes. And the build of the game, and the Dragon Age Keep that gave you the possibility to make the choices from the other games (I haven’t played them).

The characters are fucking BRILLIANT. Seriously, Witcher was great but this had me attached in ways I haven’t experienced before in a game. I’ve cried so many times in this game. Some scenes are god damn heart wrenching (I even fell a bit in love like… for real, with Cullen).
I’ve never ever finished a game this large before, just to start a playthrough immediately after, because the choices and romance options and different character class to play with was so interesting to explore.





I can’t speak for the others, but I played Dragon Age Origins, and that was fun.

Inquisition seemed like something entirely different.

I’m really enjoying Pillars of eternity 2, enjoyed Pillars 1 and Divinity:Original Sin.

Inquisition just felt…empty and off.