Dragon Age: Inquisition


It was. It was closer to Mass Effect than to DA:O.


I think one of the main reasons why I love DA:I and ME Andromeda, is because I hadn’t played the previous games, and thus just approached them as single games, without having any expectations or connection to the series.

And of course, I understand these aren’t for everyone, but please give me any other game with so many great characters to interact with, I’d happily give them a go.

I mean… come on. Dorian? DORIAN? I mean this guy. His story would have made for a great game just in itself.

Ah dang. Now I have to reinstall this again.


Pillars of Eternity 2.

Divinity Original Sin 2 (more combat than relations to be fair)

Dragon Age:Origins

Mass Effect 2 and 3 (which were the ones I played)

Bear in mind I never bothered played Inquisition for more than an hr, before uninstalling it in a rage, so I missed, obviously, all the people you’re talking about.


If it’s not to some people’s tastes, I understand, but I agree with you. This was the first RPG I finished since the days of the Amiga. I was frustrated at times, but I’m frustrated at times with nearly every game and this one kept dragging me in for more. I love Dragon Age: Inception. A lot.


I don’t own a PC so I’ll have to wait for DO2 to come out to PS4, but I heard a lot good about this game and am looking forward to it =)
I also played the entire ME series after Andromeda and absolutely loved it.

So just out of curiosity, what made you rage?


Dorian is great. The characters are (mostly) not a problem. But people who played RPGs that feature quality content (Fallout 1/2/NV/TW/Bloodlines/KOTOR/ME…) and not a lot of filler have lower tolerance for the junk in Inquisition like this (and 99% of sidequests are like this):

It just feels like meaningless shopping list busywork.


Well, the Requisitions are (to my knowledge) genuine shopping list busywork - they randomly generate and never end!


Indeed, I did one or two and then stopped bothering, but most nonrequisition sidequests are like that too, sadly.


A lot of those are Requisitions - they are not sidequests, just a way to gain … what were they called… influence points? They are infinite, so they just keep generating in every area.


What made me rage (a bit of a strong word actually) was the combat. It seemed very arcadey, and hard to control. I wanted/expected a similar combat system to the preceding games. Instead I got some sort of light show requiring many clicks.

Then the game hung on me, asked me to go somewhere, by clicking a doorway or something, but it wouldn’t work, so I was aimlessly wandering around the start area because the game bugged out.


It’s a fine game, but nowhere near my top 10 CRPGs. The MMO open-world stuff is terrible, the time-gated missions are ridiculous, and it makes you click the search button every 10 seconds for the entire length of the game.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still enjoying my playthrough, going through the Jaws of Hakkon DLC now. But it’s nowhere remotely approaching the greatness that was DA:Origins.


I agree. Especially with regards to Origins. That game was brilliant and they should have expanded more on it than doing whatever the hell DA2 was.


@kristina please do yourself a favor and play DA: Origins. I preferred the combat in Origins, but maybe that aspect won’t be as good for you. But, it has great characters - some who are in Inquisition (Morrigan and Lelianna). Morrigan is one of my favorite game characters of all time.


Holy shit, Morrigan and Lelianna are in Inquisition? Ok, now I have to play it.


Oh yeah, Lelianna is a major character, and Morrigan comes in maybe halfway through. All your choices in Origin transfer too, including the consequences of your very last one.


Same here, and I restarted the entire game and it did it again. So I gave up on it.


Just to give you a heads up, in case it matters, but they aren’t party members/playable.


I literally just met Morrigan at that empress party. I hope I am more than halfway through given that I already played 90 hours.


That’s cool. Both their stories felt incomplete, so I just wanted to know what the next chapter in their stories brought about.


I played through Origins multiple times to try out various race origins, etc, but still haven’t finished Inquisition. I suppose I should just power through the main quests and avoid a lot of the side crap, just to finish it.

The combat bugs me (especially as it feels these massive displays of magic I’m performing are barely doing any real damage), the meaningless side quests bug me, all the random crap to collect in the landscape that I’ll never use but still have to pick up, etc. All that crap distracts me from could very well be a great overall plot and more character development.