Dragon Age: Inquisition


It depends how much non-critical path stuff you did before the Winter Palace. You could be anywhere from 1/3 to 2/3 done.


I may be one of the few people that really enjoyed DA2 and SarcasticHawke’s voice performance.


I liked DA2 better than Origins, personally. For one thing, the first game had no Varric.


A lack of Varric is a problem, but Origins also doesn’t have the rushed design, repeating levels and ridiculous potemkin village of a city.

The Dragon Age series is kind of funny in that if you gave me the elevator pitch of each game and how much it appeals to me, I’d rank them DA2, Inquisition, Origins. When you add in execution though, that ranking gets entirely reversed.


I loved Dragon Age 2, I think it might be the secret best Bioware game. I don’t personally feel Dragon Age: Origins holds up, it’s not awful but I do not love it. Dragon Age: Inquisition was pretty good for a while, I didn’t have problems with it that people mentioned up thread, but I do think it’s way too long and the combat system gets a bid tedious. Inquisition is the only Dragon Age game I’ve not finished.


Plus the combat in Origins is varied and tactically rewarding, also often challenging. The combat in 2 is a repetitive slog made worse by immersion-breaking reinforcement waves in every fucking encounter. Inquisition’s combat is still lacking, but at least the enemies you see on the map are usually what you get, and the main exception (rifts) are fictional justified and the second wave is different and stronger.


I had a bug in Origins where I tried to break it off with Leiliana and it never took. So every time we were back at camp, I had to break up with her again, especially if she saw me smooching someone else. She more or less turned into the guy from Memento.

Made everything super awkward, but I just wrapped head fiction around it to make it a fun part of my personal story.


I chalk that up to rushed design, but yeah. There’s this conversation between Merrill and Varric about how everyone’s always talking about how unsafe the slums are but it all seems perfectly safe to her, and Varric’s reply is that that safety is costing him a fortune. He’s paying the gangs to not touch her.

And you can get this conversation between being assaulted by waves of gangs, accompanied by the one the gangs are being paid off to lay off, the man who’s paying them, and if Aveline is in the party, the captain of the fricking guard. This is what the term ludo-narrative dissonance was invented for.

It’s so frustrating because I like the caracters a ton*, I love everything about the Qunari, but it’s all for naught because EA wanted a quick cash-in and made Bioware churn out a sequel in a year. If they’d had another year to iterate, Kirkwall could’ve been a believable place, combat encounters could’ve been more varied, the central Mage-Templar conflict could’ve had more than a fraction of the nuance of the Mage Tower sequence in Origins, and maybe there wouldn’t have been that garbage fire of an ending. It could’ve been a classic instead of an interesting first draft.

*Anders can go die in a fire though. The Warden-commander takes him to her bosom and this is how he repays her? Also, the line about the Wardens forcing him to give up Ser pounce-a-lot was plainly a cover for his neglect killing the poor kitty. The mass-murdering dickwad.


Hmm. In my book, the Witcher games rival or supercede any Bioware game in characters with great, defined psychologies and motivations, but I get what you mean. The Witcher games are mostly a ships passing each other in the night kind of deal, while Bioware always give you an extended crew to hang out with, who bounce off each other and you can have a very definite impact on their stories, and there’s just not many developers working in that mode of RPG. Hell, Bioware basically invented it with Baldur’s Gate 2.

Basically, you’ve Bioware, Obsidian, and Larian moving towards that realm with Divinity Original Sin 2. Also inferior knockoffs like Spiders*.

So if I were to list games I like more than Inquisition working in that mode:

Pillars of Eternity 2 - it’s early days, but the evolving opinions of companions depending on what side of each other they get exposed to feels like a genuine next step in this sort of game. And if the first game got a port, this one should too.
Mass effect 1-3
Baldur’s Gate 2
Planescape: Torment
Dragon Age Origins
Knights of The Old Republic 1 & 2
Divinity: Original Sin 2
Neverwinter Nights 2 + Mask of the Betrayer
Torment: Tides of Numenera

And yeah, there’s a good chunk of PC only stuff there, because the PC and Black Isle is where this particular mode of RPG was born. Knights of the Old Republic was where it was first successfully brought to consoles.

*Indefensible opinion confession time: I think I like The Technomancer more than Mass Effect: Andromeda. Even if it’s trash, it’s more succinct and the bee-faced gorilla thing is more imaginative and alien than anything ecountered in Andromeda.


I liked DA2 as well, much better than Inquisition. Always felt it got a bad rap and the the game was more than the sum of its parts.


I have actually played a couple of hours of DA: Origins, last year. And even though I’m sure it’s great and all, it’s just way too old for me to enjoy now, in terms of graphics and all. I checked out Pillars of Eternity now (for PS4) and I think the same would go for that unfortunately.
I just hope something more like this comes along soon, (and that Divinity: Original Sin 2 releases for PS4 soon), cause this is truly the kinds of games I’m missing atm.

Wait… what’s this? Never heard of it, but I’m definitely intrigued.


Well yeah, if want state of the art graphics, that list is going to be pretty useless.

The Technomancer is an rpg by Spiders and as such messy, ambitious beyond their ability to execute on, and not very good.

(It is a pretty indefensible opinion.)


Started playing 26 days ago and today I finished last DLC, Trespasser. Trespasser was better than most of the main game since it was well paced and lacked any stupid fetch quests (well apart from one unmarked literal fetch quest to give some bones to a dog). Trespasser is a great ending and eventhough the game is flawed as hell, I am glad I finally played it. I am gonna spend next few days listening to its soundtrack :)


The soundtrack is AMAZING! Try taking a boat trip and stand at the bow. You’ll feel like you’re conquering the world =)

And congrats on finishing it. Glad you sort of liked it =)


Interesting talk with Bioware’s Laidlaw over at Eurogamer.

BioWare had between 14 and 16 months to build Dragon Age 2, from concept to the game appearing on shop shelves. This was a game with half a million words of dialogue. “It’s impossible,” Laidlaw says. “I tell other people that and they kind of get all blanched and go, oh my god, are you okay?”


Yeah it is insane timeframe. Then I remember Obsidian cranked out KOTOR 2 in like 10 months and New Vegas in 18. Doubly insane.


I firmly believe that both KOTOR 2 and DA2 would have been masterpieces if given twice the development time they had. I enjoyed them both but they were horribly flawed gems.


KOTOR2 had its problems but the quality of the game and writing in particular surpassed them, even upon release. Dragon Age 2 I found unplayable, with its waves of enemies and generic re-used areas.


Yep. It’s a crime that KOTOR2 couldn’t finish what they started because it was riveting and really turned the mythos on it’s head.


I maintain that KOTOR 2 is to this day the best thing created in SW universe.