Dragon Age: Inquisition


I agree they are horribly flawed, but I still enjoyed them. In KOTOR’s case, more than the first game. In DA’s, I definitely enjoyed 2 more than Inquisition but not sure how I feel about it in comparison to the first game. In some ways, DA2 was more fun but overall DA:O was the better game.


KOTOR2 has some pretty subversive ideas going on in there too, like hey maybe it’s not all light vs dark. Even if the game were crap, and it’s not, it would be worth checking out for that.


And not many games give you a cranky old lady for a companion!


Yeah one that believes in “balance” in the force more or less – 15 (12?) years prior to the recent stuff. Great game plus the mods and stuff are readily available on steam. It holds up pretty well too. Good villians. Mostly.


So, I think its finally time to give this game a try. Really enjoyed DA:O but then I skipped DA2 as I didn’t appreciate their changes. From what I understand this is more of a hybrid between those 2 versions?

Anyway, any mods I should give a try?
eg I heard there is a option to get a bit more of the tactical camera view from DAO back.


Trying to play Inquisition in ‘tactical’ mode is a recipe for frustration. I play it with all the tactical finesse of Mass Effect i.e. it’s a third-person action game with AI friends.


Hehe… Not really encouraging, but then the game didn’t cost me much, so if its really just a over shoulder actioner, then I might tap out sooner than I thought.


I honestly think it has great plot, production values, characters, voice-acting and gameplay, albeit without the tactical finesse of something like Pillars of Eternity.

Don’t do the boring sidequests. If it doesn’t look interesting - if you don’t get an interesting dialogue at the start of the quest, basically - ignore it. There are enough MMO-style sidequests of collect 100 gizmos to drive you mad if you attempt even a tenth of them.


Yeah, I’ve repeatedly heard that I need to get out of the endlessly grindy Hinterlands section at the beginning.


Pretend you are some opulent diner at a banquet. You can’t possibly eat it all. So take a bite from all the good stuff, and discard the rest in wasteful, decadent abandon.

Staying too long in Hinterlands would be like filling up on the free bread before the main course.


Unfortunately, combat in Inquisition is nearly entirely taken from DA2, except minus the immersion breaking reinforcement waves spawning out of thin air. (Well, except for the Fade rifts. But they have an excuse, and follow a clear pattern.)


You guys are not very encouraging!
Perhaps I consider Pillars 2 instead?
Wasn’t looking for an action game, but hoping for more of a stragic feel…


Yup. Leave the grindy Hinterlands so you can enter a new, equally grindy shitzone asap. Whole game is like that, you can’t escape it. The game is like a 2007 MMO that only you logged into, better come to terms with it now and adjust your expectations before it becomes too late.


The other zones aren’t nearly as bad. If you just do main quests and sidequests you find immediately compelling, you’ll be fine.


There’s a lot to like about Inquisition, but the combat is pretty unexciting. And definitely not up to the standards of Origins.


They still are…pretty bad. Pretty damn bad. But yes, beelining it for character sidequests and main quest makes Inquisiton tolerable.


Coincidentally, I’m about 40 hours into a replay of Inquisition right now. Everything said above is pretty accurate, although I don’t mind the simplified action-RPG combat. It’s fast-paced and pretty, and allows for some nifty tactics if you want (I personally can’t be arsed, so I keep the difficulty level low).

It’s been long enough since my last playthrough that I don’t recall many of the story and character details, so it’s a real treat exploring them again. I am utterly in love with Sera, and have pretty strong feelings about Iron Bull and Varric as well.

It’s certainly a flawed game, even in the generally strong storytelling. Why are we called the Inquisition if we never Inquisite anything? In such a richly textured world, why is the Big Bad so bland?

But overall, it’s great fun. I will very happily dive into the next Dragon Age game when it comes out in 2043.


:) We’re 160+ hours into our first go-round and enjoying it a great deal, though we’re getting whomped mercilessly by most of the rifts in Frostback Basin and the big boss in Jaws of Hakkon. The characters are indeed wonderfully etched, though they do seem to give up on said etching once the parent game is complete. (No one says more than “Hi” at this stage.)


This. I enjoyed the game quite a bit but it wasn’t because of the combat. That isn’t to say it isn’t horrible, but it in general doesn’t require much tactical thinking. I wanted to bang my head every time I needed to close another rift.

Still, I liked the characters / dialog and story a lot - even the corny parts. It also is pretty nice to explore.


Damn, you weren’t kidding! I’m still in the tutorial getting up the mountain to the first rift and I’m really battling with the controls. The game doesn’t want you to have any strategic control with a m&k does it?

Basically take a controller sit back and ‘drive’ your main char. Assume your companions know wtf they are doing and will survive on their own.

PS What are those blue lines that appear next to the character icons on the top left of the screen?