Dragon Age sequel official

My memory is every fight being a drawn out slog because every fight was extended by multiple additional waves of identical enemies. It wasn’t ever hard, but I turned it down to the easiest difficulty midway through just to get things over with faster.

I thought DA2 was the best Dragon Age. Not saving the world for a change, the stupid darkspawn plotline takes a back seat, and since it takes place over ten years, relationship developments seen realistic. Also, I enjoyed the combat.

I’m another one who preferred 2 to Origins. It’s surprising how many people with this opimion are surfacing now…

I liked all the secondary features of 2 – the side stories, the character backgrounds, the settings, the banter. But the main story was profoundly dumb, the way half your party completely illogically betrays you at the end even worse, and I really disliked teleporting combat waves. It seemed so incredibly lazy.

I think the main story isn’t too terrible for the most part for the first two acts. I mean, the stuff that eventually blows up into act 3 (and sadly forms a big piece of the context for Inquisition even though it should have been quietly shoved under the rug) is super dumb, but I liked the idea of the expedition in act 1 reasonably well and dealing with the Qunari in act 2 was cool enough that it should have been the basis of the rest of the game. I agree with you otherwise.

That’s probably true; but the sequence of idiotic betrayals at the end must have wiped out all the earlier part of the story for me :)

No, it’s just that us sane people who disagree with you feel it’s a settled matter ;)

I think I am at least 7 months now trying to slog through 2. I just can’t do it. 20-30 min bit runs at most. I can barely remember what the main quest is. Everyone says I should just move on to DA:I, but that feels so wrong.

I really enjoyed DA2 as well…

I never got the hate for DA2, other than the continually re-used settings. The waves of bad guys were annoying but they also added to the epicness of the fights.

The best part of the DA games is the character development anyway.

I liked DA2 overall. It had a really nice rivalry/support companion system, particularly in the romances, and the the characters were well written and acted.

I did find the setting re-use got a bit old.

Couldn’t find a thread for Dragon Age:Origins (I’m sure there was one - did it just not make it over during the transition, or are my search skills just that bad?), so thought I’d just post here.

As much as I’m liking playing through this game again (thought I’d play through all 3), I have to say I’m not sure I can enjoy games like this where the PC never says a thing during conversations. I know Mass Effect and later Dragon Age games had their issues with conversations, but I found those games so much better than non-voiced main characters.

Before the game’s release Dragon Age Countdown was the main Dragon Age Origins thread. After the release of the game, the thread was The Countdown is over! Dragon Age: Origins released (Spoiler Free Discussion). The OP in that thread also contains links to the spoiler thread, the console or PC thread, the Dragon Age Journeys thread, and other useful links. But that was the main thread for spoiler free discussions. Once you finish the game though, do go to the spoiler thread and post your thoughts. I love reading post-completion thoughts from people.

I much prefer unvoiced in general and systems where I can see exactly what I am saying before I say it. I will admit it’s a little jarring to have the protagonist unvoiced when everyone else is fully voiced, though. (And I would solve it by removing voice acting, not adding it or springing surprise dialogue on the player.)

Which is fair. It doesn’t bother me as much in, say, Baldur’s Gate, because not everything is voiced. Only certain lines are. And of course, it not ‘acted’ in the sense that you’re not seeing close ups of the characters.

But voiceless protagonists in this kind of game (also including KOTORs) has always bothered me. I do agree it’s nice to see what you’re character is actually saying before saying it, but the silence is jarring (for me).

Then I wonder why searching (in the search box) for Dragon Age Origins didn’t turn it up, unless as you pointed out, the thread name was changed to Dragon Age Countdown.