Dragon Commander, from Larian (TBS/RPG?)

From the creators of the Divinity series

Teaser http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdaUt1Hip_Y

ragon Commander

Play Dragon Commander and become a mighty Dragon Knight who takes to the skies to wage all-out war. Burn your enemies and lead your armies, then plan your next moves on the highly interactive, tactical campaign map. Yours is the power of the dragon and yours will be the empire!

Be the Dragon

Take control of a great dragon equipped with powerful technology and obliterate all that stands in your way. Use magic, skill and cunning to win the day.

Take command

Build vast armies and lead them into spectacular real-time combat. Conquer the vast world of the Divinity universe, and see your dominion spread over the tactical map.

Become the Emperor

Forge alliances; seek out arcane magic; fund military technology; woo powerful princesses; torture innocent imps. Will you be remembered as Sergei the Cruel, or Swen the Wise?

Battle online

Campaign against your friends and show them you are the only one who’s worthy of the title of Dragon Commander!

Or in other words - plenty of strange people & creatures to talk to with plenty of choices to make, a big turn-based strategy map with all kinds of fancy units to move around and countries to invade, researching of technology & spells & dragon boosting equipment, the story of the first Dragon Knights (from the time Maxos was a very common word), and massive dragon combat featuring a combat system that’s shaping up to be way cooler than anything we’ve ever managed on that front, way way cooler. It has Steampunk, it has fantasy, huge areas to do the dragon combat in and lots, and I mean lots, of enemies to destroy. It obviously also has a single-player storyline, but there will be options to play multiplayer campaigns against one another which should be quite a lot of fun.

Reminds me of that old game Dragon Lord.

Reading the quote i just posted (yeah i didn’t read it before :P), it seems the typical division of TBS part in the strategy map, and RTS battles.

Saw it at the show. JETPACK DRAGON!

But yeah, it looked really neat. I would definitely endorse adding it to your radar.

Hmm - the old amiga game, where you hatched dragons in your laboratory, and could use different reagents as well to different effects and colors of dragons? Then fight in realtime flying over forests and the like, and there was some sort of strategy part as well?

One of the reagents was called “Razgon”, and is where I got my “name” from ;-)

Yep, that’s the one. Was one of my favorite games as a kid, but I wasn’t very good at it. That and Knights of Legend. Overly complicated games for the win!

hell yeah, loved that as well! I remember the laboratory stuff was really complex - at least, I didn’t understand a single thing of it :-D

Anyways, RPS has some new info on the game, and yes, it sounds like the old Dragon Lords game, in that you have political decisions to make as well that will show up in the battles to come, you can marry, have advisors, kill your wife and get a new one and in combat you can give orders to your troops, or just focus on killing stuff.

I am reminded a LOT of another old game, though the name escapes me right now - you had ballon ships of a kind, and commanded and had advisors and could do stuff -I think you could assasinate people as well.

I still have Dragon Lord somewhere in the basement, I believe. Along with my Knights of Legend game manual. By far one of my favorite manuals ever.

All I can say at the moment is that I had to change my trousers several times while reading this.

Thats the link I posted ;-)

But I still agree - sounds awesome, and a kickback to the old time when small time developers made awesomely weird games that sometimes just worked

That article got me very tingly. I hope I get some money coming in soon so I can build a PC that can run this. :)

I didn’t fail to read the entire thread. Nope. The link totally deserved to be posted twice.

720p walk-through

The art style used, mixing traditional top fantasy, steampunk and some over the top stuff put over it is pretty good.

All I know is day one purch for anyone who played Divinity 2.

Very interesting posting by the owner of Larian about brokering deals with publishers:

Dragons don’t sell? Lulz, somebody tell Dragon Age that, maybe they should’ve called their game something else and they would’ve sold even more millions?!?!

Dragons aren’t cool. Sorry, but that much I can verify.

I saw the thread title and was ready to write the game off until I read the RPS thing. I can get over the dragon bit if the actual gameplay really has nothing to do with dragons. Quirky madness and skeleton princesses? Very cool. I too would fuck a “boner” for power! But the first thing that comes into my head when I see dragon isn’t big mean beast, it’s cheesy cliches.

That’s because you have no soul.


Dragon’s aren’t cool? Well, perhaps that’s the case with well-adjusted, socially adept individuals like Aeon221, but we’re talking about gaming geeks ;)

I, too, am a soulless dragon-loather.