Dragon Quest Heroes Coming to Steam

Somehow I had missed that this was coming to PC! I really enjoyed what I saw several months ago on Twitch but figured it was just going to stay on the Playstation. Will be out on Steam on Dec 3rd. I enjoyed Hyrule Warriors on my Wii U so another crossover style Dynasty warriors game is A-Ok in my book.

I’m definitely interested, but concerned given Koei Tecmo’s record of slapdash PC ports. Samurai Warriors 4-II was my first ever Steam refund due to all the dropped balls on its port.

I’m interested, but I can’t get a handle on what kind of game this is. It almost looked at first like an MMO but it says single-player and doesn’t even mention multiplayer. It looks like you control tons of characters, but it’s not a Tactics Ogre style turn-based strategy game. It looks like an action game like maybe Devil’s Crush or something? What is this?

This is the same style as a Dynasty Warriors game but set in the Dragon Quest universe. You control a commander figure with lots of extreme combat moves that can wipe through multiple peons at a time. The challenge in the game isn’t in the direct combat, you get a nice visceral thrill killing enemies wantonly, but in being in the right spots in the map to control points and manage the hordes of enemies. So much of the game is spent killing a large group, and then examing the minimap to move quickly to the next appropriate hotspot.

Right, it’s a Musou style game. So its an action game where you play one character at a time and travel around the map laying waste to countless enemies building up a power bar that lets you use your room clearing special moves. Objectives might be to kill a certain boss or take certain points on the map. The quality on this video isn’t the greatest but it gives you a decent idea of the gameplay.

Huh. Well, it looks fun, that’s for sure. I’ll wishlist it and keep an eye on it. The price tag is a little intimidating, but I’ll try to catch some Let’s Play footage and check out what the fans think when it’s out. It’s definitely intriguing me.

So, in case anyone played this on the PS4: can you replay missions like in other Musou games?

This is only $33 + tax from Newegg (PS4) right now using code EMCEGEG97. I’ve never played any of the Dragon Quest games but I love the Dynasty Warriors-type games. I have a feeling this will keep dropping though, especially if the digital version gets a nice flash sale from Sony one of these days.