Dragon Quest IX

So I just got a message from Amazon saying that DQIX was shipped. I had forgotten I preordered it. I know that a lot of people around here (including me) liked DQ8. This one is for the DS. Anyone else getting it and looking forward to it?

Got it, enjoying it. Encounters aren’t random anymore, which feels a little strange. On one hand, I like being able to avoid fights if I’m just trying to get somewhere. On the other, it makes it maybe a little too WoW-like in the sense of running around staying out of detection ranges.

But that’s just a preference, so far I’m enjoying it a lot. I’m just waiting for my girlfriend to play a bit more so we can try out the multiplayer stuff.

I have it on preorder and expect to have it in my hands in a day or two. I’m curious to see how this series fares in the transition from the PS2 to the DS!

Picked it up at Best Buy today. Haven’t dived into it yet, but really looking forward to it.

I played the Japanese version last year and liked it a lot. Now waiting for the European release so I can try out the multiplayer too.

Played a ton of the Japanese version last year. Didn’t enjoy the story at all but the character advancement and combat system was great.

I think I read someplace that the English and Japanese versions are completely compatible? Is that the case? My daughter has been wanting to play, and with 90+ hours invested in the I’m loathe to let her use my cart even though I have a DS cart backup utility.

This would be pretty awesome, if true. I can’t find any sources with quick Googling.

Robert, if you don’t mind, a couple of Amazon pre-ordering questions:

(1) when does Amazon charge your credit card on a new release item? Order date or ship date?
(2) Is it possible to order a mix of currently available and unreleased items and still get super-saver shipping on all of the items?

They always charge on ship. I don’t know the precise answer to your second question, but the correct answer is “why don’t you have Amazon Prime; what are you, some kind of monster?”

I’m really tempted to try this as a Dragon Quest newbie, but I’m not sure what to think of the multiplayer. Am I going to be annoyed by the like of multiplayer-only carrots or quests or is it ignorable stuff?

Hah. Short answer is I am a cheap SOB.

More imaginitive answer is that using super saver shipping is like buying presents for your future self.

I don’t think there are multi-player only quests (not 100% sure though). The multi-player just lets you play the regular game with friends. The tag-feature, however, does give you new dungeon maps, but there should be plenty to do even without them.

Here’s a tip: Even though it’s called an “Oak Staff”, it’s a wand as far as skills are concerned. I spent a little time figuring that one out.

Given it a few hours, so far. If you’ve played the DS remakes of DQ4 and DQ5 this will feel very familiar. The 3d models that change based on your equipment is a nice touch, and the game looks great for a DS game. I do miss the epic views you’d get in DQ8, though.

Picked it up from a local shop on Friday and I’ve already sunk about 15 hours into it. Once you get the Alchemy Pot and start getting quests it becomes a lot of fun, or at least it did for me. If you’re going to try and do Alchemy Pot recipes I highly suggest getting a thief and learning the Half Inch ability. Stealing crafting items is slightly quicker than hoping for enemies to drop them.

That’s awesome. I loved the switch in FFXII to non-randoms. I thought it worked really well.

Yeah, so far the change seems good. You’re still going to get in a lot of fights - monsters move faster than you do, so you can’t really run away once they’ve spotted you. However, you can avoid them if you really want to, and more importantly, if you’re going through an area that you’ve out leveled, monsters run away from you, rather than forcing you to slog through worthless random encounters.

Oh that’s nifty. I kinda wish it was like that in FFXII. Why the fuck is a cactoid trying to kill me? Doesn’t it see my 10ft long sword and inch-thick plate mail?

  1. Ship date, as noted above. Also, if the price lowers between the time you preordered and the shipping, you get the better price. That doesn’t happen in reverse, so if it goes up, you get what you preordered.

  2. I’m pretty sure the shipping is the same for all. And I’m 90% sure that I’ve done the super saver in exactly the way you just said and it worked. Super saver is based on amount ordered and is an incentive to order more than 25 dollars worth of stuff. I’ve often had them send the products separately and still gotten super saver. Most new video games are over 25 dollars anyway, so it wouldn’t be an issue.

It’s grown on me since screwing up a couple of fights in a dungeon and having to go back to town to recharge. Getting back to the dungeon isn’t nearly as annoying as it was in previous games.

But I have a new annoyance! I equipped my warrior-lady with “blue knickers”. With the stubby limbs and big head, she looked like a pre-teen in her underpants. Do not want. Future equipment choices will be based on making sure her ass stays covered.

Still liking the game, though.