Dragon Quest Rocket Slime rocketing its way to you!

For all you wonderful people who enjoyed the fabulous Dragon Quest VIII, your cries of support of moved the granite hearts of Square Enix and more Dragon Quest is in store for you.

In their E3 materials, Square Enix has announced that they are translating Slime Mori Mori Dragon Quest 2 as Rocket Slime.

Let me steal from myself so I can save the environment.

The main gimmick is that very, very popular in a Hello Kitty-type way, monster, the slime, of Dragon Quest has this village and civilization. And another group of monsters kidnap all the villagers and its your job as a lowly slime with no hands or feet to get them back. So all you can do, because you are a slime is bounce.

There’s an insane amount of depth to this though. The main mechanic is stretching your slimy body so that you shoot forward like a sling shot. Depending on how long you stretch, you’ll shoot forward farther, you’ll bounce off walls harder, you’ll hit enemies harder and take more energy out and you’ll knock them off higher. These have repercussions in that you’ll lose control and maybe bounce into danger if you go too much, in a tight space there isn’t room or time to make for the best stretches. Knocking up enemies higher means it gets easier to catch them and throwing them is a great defense, as well, balancing slimes and monsters on your head is what you need to accomplish a lot of the game’s objectives. Monsters try to knock them off. Each monster is very unique in its attack patterns and attributes and requires different strategies, even though the core mechanic is very simple.

I could go on and on, talking about how this very well-considered gameplay just blooms in all sorts of directions and how extremely solid it is. Its also quite innovative, once you’ve played it, you realize this game is like a combination of Mario platformer with its various platforms and objects to manipulate with this endless stretch, bounce, rocket, smash mechanic, a Zelda adventure game with its puzzle design and overhead world and enemy fighting, an open-ended RPG with its sidequests and world design, and a Suikoden or Dark Cloud 2 style sandbox game with its many minigames, side activities and carnival-like growing town. Another good comparison might be a Treasure game, for the emphasis on awesome boss battles, unique mechanics, wacky hijinks, lovable 2D sprite worship and insanely cool “level” design.

Plus, there’s all those slimes. Rad punk slimes, ninja slimes, cute babe slimes, priest slimes, slime borg, slime knights, soccer slimes, baby slimes, old fogey slimes and so on and so forth.

The sequel is even better, because you get to do all this and fight inside huge tanks shaped like various Dragon Quest monsters that are really just thin disguises of nasty Rube Goldberg-like contraptions that you directly control inside the machine by racing around like some slime version of William Shatner to watch them blow away the other tank/contraption.

Its cute and charming and totally focused on bitchin’ gameplay, just like every other Dragon Quest game out there. Plus, it, as all the spin-offs do, adheres to the notion that one of the strongest elements of a Dragon Quest game are its monsters, and thus expands on them.

As a measure of its quality, I liked the original Slime Mori Mori better than Minish Cap (they’re both adventure games, though Mori Mori has way more going on in other genres). We’ll see how the sequel stacks up to Phantom Hourglass, but I thought it was even better than the first.



William Shatner?

I want!



I for one welcome our new Rocket Slime Vibrator overlords.

This is the DS one, right? Rock on.

The Mori Mori Slime games are definitely some of the best games on the GBA/DS. That reminds me…I never did beat either one of them -_-…damn you Gyakuten Saiban 1-3 for taking over my handheld!

While cruising around this commercials site, watching stuff from the States, France and Brazil, I found that they have a copy of the old Slime Mori Mori PV, which is several orders of awesome, so I just had to share:




With a bit of luck this will be available in Europe. Or at least, I might import it and understand it.

Any news of the Yangus spin-off of DQ 8 ? I’m really fond of the thug !

The Yangus spin-off is essentially a Mysterious Dungeon game, so you probably have enjoy those type of games quite a bit (More of a Traditional Dungeon hack with semi-randomly generated dungeons) if you’re thinking about buying it.