Dragon's Crown: Bewbs and Loot

Thought I’d start a thread for this game, which is really looking pretty terrific despite the massive amount of cheesecake. I’ve been watching some of the IGN videos and I think I am completely sold. A multiplayer, coop, side scrolling, loot grind, fantasy dungeon crawl is just my bag of doughnuts!

I’m still not buying the game at launch due to their crappy multiplayer design*, but it’s apparently got a lot of content even for a solo player, so I may get it sooner rather than later.

*No cross-platform multiplayer. Apparently tiny indies selling $10 games on PSN can handle this, but Atlus and Vanillaware can’t. The reason this is an issue is because I can only get the Vita version (PS3 doesn’t read discs), which will more or less be a barren wasteland online without the ability to play with PS3 players.

Yeah, no Cross platform is a drag, but I’m gonna brave the Vita wasteland anyway!

I’d buy a game like that, but that cheesecake is just beyond the threshold I can put up with.

It looks beautiful, and interesting, but…yeah, that.

Quick look is up:

Looks like this isnt out until october in the UK

That quick look actually put this game on my radar, but I would almost be too embarrassed to play it. I’d hate to be in the magic shop (or that female monk warrior!?) when my wife popped in to ask what I wanted for supper, for example. It looks really well made, polished, and genuinely exciting to play, plus the ARPG stuff seems like something I’d like (and the fact that the guy reviewing it had over 25 hours on his first character speaks to replay ability, I think, too). But … man, that art style.

I assume that’s what the Vita version is for.

Haha…yeah I bet DC sells better on Vita than PS3 just out of player shame.

It’s also $10 less on Vita and has better controls (touchscreen to interact with things instead of controlling a clunky on-screen cursor with the right analog stick).

I ended up finding a Vita group to play with, and since my other game that was supposed to be out this month got delayed, I ended up preordering DC after all. Hopefully it gets here this week so I can get my portable arrow-shooting on.

Wait, are folks going vita heavy? From what I understand you can’t play online co-op until a good chunk through the game. I was leaning PS3 for couch co-op, but if there is a groundswell for Vita…

And the adventures of Deedlit the Elf have begun. :)

I ended up going Vita. You know, for DAT OLED.

Lies! Mr. Prankster, you are playing the sorceress and you are playing on your Vita…in bed. Tsk, tsk. Think of the kittens man.

Been playing Elf, Sorceress, Wizaed and a bit of Amazon and Fighter actually. I like the Wizard a lot and his spell list looks like fun (meteor storm is always good), but that crap luck is a drag in a loot grind. The Sorceress has some cool support abilities and I bet would be really useful in coop, but she doesn’t seem to do much damage. Both the magic users are pretty sweet once you start getting the spells unlocked. Same with the Elf, she has a lot of cool arrow powers and coating you can use.

So far the melee classes have seemed less interesting to me, but I need to dig into them a bit more.

Been rocking the Wizard on my vita. This game is just excellent… I didn’t even realize I wanted a beat 'em up with skill selection and random loot. The fantastic art (Sorceress aside, yuck) makes the experience even better.

I’m surprised I have seen a lot of whinging about the Wizard on other forums. I find him to be fun as heck, launching salvos of fire while flying above my foes, slowing time, making golems…great stuff!

There are certain games which I feel need to offer a “Brown Bag Edition,” which - you guessed it - come in an unlabeled brown bag. And - surprise, surprise! - sounds like I can add Dragon’s Crown to that list. :)

Or they could’ve decided that maybe a woman’s crotch pulsating over 90% of the screen was a poor art choice.

One prerequisite for all Brown Bag Editions is a pronounced lack of self-awareness, good taste, and/or modesty. If they had that, they wouldn’t need to come in a brown bag in the first place.