Dragon's Dogma


I actually like the UI for Dragon’s Dogma… but then I liked the UI for Skyrim.

I’m also the guy that often keeps one folder and throws everything in it, or often has all my files on the desktop and remembers where what I need is through spatial memory and I can’t be arsed to break my train of thought and organize it properly.

But I never got close to finishing DD. I think for me the greatest moments in DD are the first couple battles against a giant, getting lost in the pitch black night, and scampering back to base with almost all your consumables spent. DD has some of the best uses of lighting and day-night cycles of any game in memory.

But after a while I sort of lose track of which systems i’m supposed to be using or not using, which upgrades I should be doing or not, where I should “grind” for levels, when I should stop wandering around aimlessly, ect. Somewhere in the middle of the game, kind of around when you’ve started padding around the land past the tunnel, it all starts to drag, and playing “optimally” starts to be required and playing for fun kind hits a wall, and it’s around then I just wander off to other games. It might also be around the 20th time I’ve hot footed it back to the castle and the 2000th time I’ve heard “weak to fire!”.


All the ENB I tried made it look far worse, but then I think the base game is pretty good looking on its own.


I figured it was something like that. I just traipsed in after finishing the main game with no attention to the requirements of Bitterblack. I don’t know where I’m supposed to level after completing the main game though, if not Bitterblack Isle (it’s been a while)


Define “completing the main game.” You don’t just mean beating the dragon, right?


I do mean just beating the dragon. I think!

Edit: Oh, I did the thing where you freefall down the hole and do some more fighting and fight uh, something. at the end.


Hmm. OK. Then I’d have thought you would, in fact, be at an appropriate level. It’s been too long since I played so I don’t remember numbers, you might check the wiki.


Had two flowers in my inventory, slept a few days, now the flowers are wilted and it turns out they gave a massive xp/etc buff that I now have to play without… damn it. All the little game systems to keep track of, storing flowers in the pots and using the forger to make duplicates of items to complete quests is nice, but also annoying.

Think I’ll have to play in Windowed mode and keep the wiki open… i THINK i’m in “act 2” or something, so need to make sure I complete all the stuff that will be unavailable when I begin act 3, or something like that – that is what i can remember from my last game session which was nearly 2 years ago anyway.


I rushed through it because I also didn’t really get what was going on there and was excited to try Bitterblack Isle. I think when I go back I’ll head there first then. Thanks!


I think Bitterback opens up around level 30? It is a VERY good dungeon experience. It really does make the game shine – well, if you like creepy monsters killing you. Lotta new mechanics there and death … but … there’s a lotta nice loot!

(Pavlov’s KristiGaines)

Edit: I just looked at 3 guides and I still couldn’t tell what starting level is. Looked like it MIGHT be 50.


I think there’s a pre-dragon and post-dragon version, which may be a source of the confusion.


Bitterblack should be all post dragon. The initial parts probably can be done pre dragon but you run into difficulty probably maybe 1/3 or 1/4 the way in? Probably will get stuck at the first boss that gates progression even if you skip the harder encounters on the way.

There is a difference between first run Bitterblack and second+ run Bitterblack. Spawns and loot are different, and the final boss gets a second phase + final ending.


Maybe a pre dragon post NG Plus == I dunno. I was in a weird place last summer and just kept at Bitterback… it was super hard. I mean Bitterback island on ng plus is souls hard. For sure.


e.g. from the wiki, the first area in first run spawns

which are standard mid game enemies. Second run gets you


Pre and Post DAMON. That’s right. It’s not tied to the dragon at all, you’re supposed to go through Bitter Black twice, once after defeating the damon in its base form, and then through a higher tier version to get to his true form. That second run is awesome, too - so different.

In which case, RUN.


The Switch version has come out a day earlier it seems, yesterday.
From what I’ve read, there are conflicted views about wether or not the portable mode is great or lacking. Just like there were conflicted views about the game being great or lacking when it released, I guess.


I was strongly considering picking up Steamworld Quest, but when I was looking at the eShop, I saw Dragons Dogma hit Switch. I admit I never gave this game much time. I had it on PS3 from plus, but it didn’t win me in the little (very little) time I gave it. I do remember thoughts about how cool nights and the pawn system sounded when @tomchick talked about them in podcasts. Reviews seem to indicate that the Switch version is a higher res version than what I played and runs pretty good. Portable/ instant pause could be a nice selling point. I can’t decide if this is a great game I missed or a great game I should pick up.


Chaplain, Tom streamed Dragon’s Dogma for two days recently. I do not know how it plays on the switch, but as a game? it is really a good one. If you like a mix of western open world with Japanese systems and maybe a little less storytelling. But man some great batt


Oh?! Ok, I will try to hunt that down in the youtube channel. Thanks. Anyone that has dabbled in the Switch version, I welcome comments.


I’m replaying this on Switch, because while I enjoyed the PS3 version, I stopped playing at some point when I couldn’t devote more big screen time to it. As ever, the Switch solves that particular problem. Also, I never played the Dark Arisen DLC, so that’s my excuse.

This game is great! It’s very interesting to play in a post Breath of the Wild world. Some things feel very much like a proto-BotW. There are wandering set piece battles (Griffon, Cyclopes), foraging and crafting, etc. There’s also similarly relatively little exposition or tutorialization: you’re kind of tossed into the world and expected to figure out what does what. There’s day/night cycles, oddball status effects (e.g. drenched), even explosive barrels scattered around. While the exploration and climbing options are lacking in comparison, there’s a similar feeling of exploration.

More than anything though, the sword-and-board combat feels pretty similar to BoTW. I mostly played a Ranger class last time around, so I didn’t experience it then, so it feels pretty fresh. I think the combat diverges a bit more later in the game, where there’s more use of abilities, etc.

I down want to overstate the similarities, but it’s definitely an interesting comparison, and at least as valid as the dark souls/monster Hunter ones made when it was first released.


I barely played Dragon’s Dogma on PS3, but the flexibility of the Switch really makes this for me. If you (or anyone else) wants to use or trade pawns mine is level 32 now. She will eventually be a Sorceror or Mage, but I am flipping through professions to pick up augments. Judging from other pawns my level, she is really solid.

Switch friend code: SW-6147-4541-6616