Dragon's Dogma

Yah you can get through the game and follow a quest path, but there are a lot of quests that get wiped if you do things in a certain order. For example, if you go down the dungeon in the main town, before you complete one of the main quests in the starter town, you are unable to then complete that quest string, which actually has a fairly substantial impact on the main story/rewards. The main quest string in the big city, which has you talk to the head honcho, will also remove an NPC that sells a few particular very expensive items that can be crucial later on in the game. You won’t have the money to buy those items by the time the game starts you on that main quest. There is quite a few situations like that, so for me it was worth looking at optimal path vids or guides, YMMV.

If you don’t care about missing quests you can certainly just plow through and the game will do a good enough job of directing you.

Right. See, I said it had been too long! So to avoid that I ended up using the wiki:

and then apparently totally forgot that I’d done that - thanks for the reminder @Ultrazen!

It totally depends on how much of a side quest lover you are lol. For me, I hated being locked out of certain quest strings, as on my first couple play throughs, I went back to do some quests only to find out I couldn’t. The game doesn’t do a great job of letting you know what will or won’t be fubar if you continue on a quest string.

I guess my real point was, my enjoyment of the game dramatically improved when I spoiled a bunch of stuff in terms of where items were, how to build characters, and what quest order to follow. That can certainly be different for different people. I didn’t care for sort of blundering around trying to figure out great builds etc, as it takes quite a while to really level/build a character.

Yup, I’m a total completion nut and had the same issue. One of the (many) things I liked about Bitterblack Island was that this kind of thing was no longer an issue.

I had forgotten that you could trigger an event that caused great change.

I think you are safe doing quests that are outside of the big city, even if the request came from someone within the city.

It’s official now that there’ll be a second one. And the nice part: It looks almost the same, just with more up-to-date graphics, an actual budget to flesh out the storyline, and hey, they got David Lodge as the voice of the Dragon once more.

Looking forward to this, for once.

I enjoyed the first one and look forward to the next.

Very excited about this and yeah, I’d be very happy with more of the same in this particular case.

So is it the same Dragon?

That feels, weird. I’m still there day one either way.

Edit: And yeah, I vaguely remember something about cycles, but I thought that cycle was broken. Also didn’t think the dragon was literally the same dragon every cycle, but it’s been a long ass time so maybe I didn’t understand/forgot something important.

I’m reminded how the developers of Nioh said they weren’t happy with the original game and wanted to get closer to their original vision in the sequel. We know Dragon’s Dogma was kind of an incomplete game, and we see the similarities already from the trailer. Maybe Itsuno wants to make the game right this time.

It depends on which ending you got. There’s one where the player becomes the next dragon, so they could certainly start from there. Or there could be something else going on, the lore is pretty batshit.

To me the essence of Dragon Dogma is:

  • A “gothic” like map, with caves, setllements, bandits camps, secrets, no-go places.
  • Squad gameplay; you don’t play alone, you play with a entire group of npcs.
  • BIG stakes evil story where you are after a evil super powerfull creature, so you must grown in power to overtake it.
  • This weird japanese companion system where your companions are somewhat… souls? clones? magical entities?, they are not entirelly people and don’t really have a agenda by themselves, they just help people.


I enjoyed the crap out of the first one on two platforms, so I really hope the belated sequel is as good if not better

I liked the pawn system. I even benifited when my mage was used by other people. Great concept. Easily better than Elden Rings system.

I appreciate any RPG that lets me build my own support characters and bring them along, and DD is just about the best implementation of that idea I’ve ever seen.

I’d add:

  • The “oomph” behind the spells and abilities; casting spells felt REALLY like you’re about to open a can of whoopass on the higher level stuff. If your pawns knew the spell and could cast it, you could get some chain casting going, for even more powerful effects. Impractical, yeah. But awesome nonetheless.

  • Climbable / grabbable monsters. This feels SO DAMN GOOD. Goblin getting on your nerves? Your character is big and strong? GRAB THAT §“$”§$! and toss him over a cliff. Or toss him into his buddies. Or just carry him around a bit for shit and giggles.
    And the big ones? Climb that cyclops! STAB HIM IN THE EYE!!! Monster Hunter and the Souls combat never really felt good after that revelation.
    Sailing to the ground on a burning griffin that my pawns shot out of the sky (while I was hanging on to that mofo downing stamina potions like my life depended on…well, it did!) will forever be my favorite non-scripted combat event.

  • The ability to actually outlevel stuff I had trouble beating at first. Yeah, being overleveled made things a bit too easy if you didn’t take care. But you know what? Sometimes plowing through a horde of goblins with their pet cyclops like a hot chainsaw through butter is fun.

  • Some actually unpredictable plot twists. This one is subjective, but the narrative had a few nice “nope, not following the tropes today” moments going for it. Sure, second time around you’re aware, but by design or by happy accident, I was surprised. More than once.
    And yes, the wierd-ass metaphysics of the game world were totally my jam. Inject that wierd shit right here into my veins.

  • The batshit insane romance system. Mostly for the hilarious results.

  • The pawns grew on me. They also do some rather heartwrenching takes if you die and leave them alone. Yes. They’re idiots. Yes, their dialogue tends to repeat and they talk a lot. No, they’re MY beloved idiots, and we’re off to kill the Wizard. Together.

  • It’s basically an unlicensed Berserk game - Build your own character style. IIRC there also was some actual licensed gear from Berserk, but by the time I got the game the license had run out, so I never saw it.

The original was such a rabbit hole to go down, but once you did it was amazing. One of those games that got better every time you played it. Looking forward to this.

Right? A whole game of stabbing monsters in the ankles is pretty hard to take seriously after climbing up a hydra and cutting its (*^&# head off. Most fun monster killing ever.

I last played DD six or seven years ago. I just loaded it up and I have a level 35 assassin but I remember very little about how to play or where I am in the game. I thought I’d just create a new character and start over at level 1 to learn things again and then go back to my original character later. But apparently, you can only have one character at a time and one save so I guess I’ll just wait for the sequel instead.

There is a nexus mod for that. You can also just make copies of your save folder and re-label it for backup when you want to start a new character.