Dragon's Lair with Ryan Reynolds as the dragonslayer?

This is still in preproduction, but… Netflix is working on adapting the '83 Don Bluth animated movie/quarter-mugging arcade game Dragon’s Lair into a live action thing. Possibly because he has experience as an animated cartoon in his Deadpool movies, and has a passing resemblance to Dirk the Dating, Ryan Reynolds and his production company are “attached” to the project. So is Don Bluth himself.

(Assuming this isn’t an early April Fool’s joke. And of course being attached to a project is worth nothing.)

The story sounded like this project is a straight up movie. But didn’t Netflix have a project with branching choices on the last few years? Possibly I’m thinking of a Black Mirror episode? My take on this is that it won’t be a traditional movie. They will be recreating the Dragon’s Lair experience right down to the extremely limited branching gameplay. I have nothing to back this up, except it would be fun, and there’s not much drama to stretch into feature length. Dragon’s Lair seemed to have a new adaptation or version with every new computer tech upgrade, from a disk version to CD-ROMs to DVDs to Blu-rays. Why not a Netflix project that will be inevitably be buried after a month? Still, I’d like to see it. It might be the good kind of goofy.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/Jn2ZE7XDtO0

He’s on the prowl.

I thought Bandersnatch was 2^n ways of great, and I’d love to see more projects take this format, especially Ryan Reynolds as Dirk.

Well, there was talk that Fox was developing a movie adaption of the original choose-your-own-adventure books.

(…but its very possible that after the Disney acquisition this project is dead, though who knows? maybe it’ll resurface a disney+ project?)

Damn that auto-correct! [Death sequence triggered] [Dropping in another fifty cents]

Fuck that game. So fuck this movie. 😠😠

I want my quarters back, adjusted for inflation.

ya, you and me both. But i still get nostalgic watching that video and remembering all the times i died…(ooh, i remember dying here, and oh, there…and i always hated this level cause i used to die. Oh, and i loved this level, except when it was inverted, because it’d fuck up my timing and i’d die)

Dragon’s Lair? Bah! Wake me up when the Space Ace movie comes out.

Man, those books. I used to love them. They definitely steered me into D&D.

There it is, there’s my crack:


Such a different age. I used to go out to the local bookstores every week or two and hope they’d have a new book in. It used to be such a thing for me, and when i found out my parents were going to the mall, I was always excited to go check out the book store.

That was me and the Lone Wolf books:

I do remember getting all those D&D books by Rose Estes from the library, though.

Yup, to all of that- loved those D&D choose-your-own-adventure books, but haven’t thought about them in years!So much fun. And all the Fighting Fantasy/Sorcery stuff, etc. Good times.

Might be sooner than you think!

Oh, sure. Those are easy enough to come by.

But then there’s my full set of the “Way of the Tiger” books. A really cool campaign-driven series, that goes to some really cool places- a city management/rulership sim, a tactical war game, etc. Also one of the worst (or best?) endings in story history. But hey.

Or, when you get stupid about it, and combine your love of choose-your-own-adventure books with your goofy DTP hobby. One edition of Empire of the Petal Throne, a old cool-weird TTRPG had a neat paragraph-book system for character generation, so I found a text of it online, and then did a reformatting/printing job on it and hand-bound the books into a sweet little hardback. Fun stuff.

That’s awesome! The nerdiest my mom got was playing Tetris on my old C64.

I highly recommend the WotT books. Digging them off my shelf made me recall hearing something about a seventh book being kickstartered or something a few years back. So I went looking, and sure enough it was published in 2015. Different author, but I don’t much care about that, as long as it moves the story along from the crazy ending. And apparently it does, so I ordered it from Amazon. Delivery is 3 weeks out due to the coronavirus and it being a ‘non-essential’ item. I guess that’s true- I’ve waited 30 years, what’s 3 more weeks? It’ll give me time to reread the old ones, too.

You DO NOT have the SPELLBOOK.

(edit: in case it isn’t obvious, I’m just yankin’ your chain)

Yeah. It’s a perpetual mark of shame. :( but it’s reprinted in the back of the last two books anyway, so I honestly haven’t tried that hard.

That said, the Inkle app versions are excellent. Unlike the Fabled Lands app (which is fine, but totally it’s own thing- not a translation of the books really), the Sorcery apps are an amazing updating of the originals.

Oh yeah! I have the first one (books one and two). I remember playing quite a bit of Swindlestones :) I just wishlisted the other two parts.