Drakensang: River of Time, a $20 prequel - RPG of the Year?

Ok, I haven’t played the game. But people keep posting compliments about River of Time in the thread for the other Drakensang game, and it surely deserves it’s own thread.

Have you played the game? What are your impressions of the game so far?

Note also that it seems next to impossible to get this game outside the US even though, for the UK at least, it was supposedly released last year.

I got it gifted through Steam.

I was able to find a single copy in a store in the Netherlands. The store usually has rare or obscure stuff, but yeah. This is the only retail copy I saw in over 10-15 stores.

I haven’t played very long, but it seems very promising - ignoring the voice acting.

So far I’m loving the shit out of it.

It hearkens to the olden days of CRPGs when the entire world didn’t always hang in the balance based on the actions of the Chosen One. You’re important, certainly, but you aren’t battling gods or anything. Its feels like an old-school D&D adventure.

Honestly the biggest downside is the lack of a manual for the damned thing, though you can muddle out things by looking at the previous game’s manual. I’d love to be able to look at the “rulebook” for the game system sometimes though.

It feels like a newer version of Darklands to me - lots of numbers, stats, inventory items, beautiful world, and you’r not as others have noted, the chosen one, just someone drawn into events beyond your control. Its a bit slow paced, and there’s tons of stuff to do, even crafting if thats your thing. The quests are all quite interesting and has a story, something I really like in games like this. Magic is wonderful as well - it feels like old-school magic, in that its not all powerfull, but a weapon to be used, a toolbox that can make the difference, if you choose the right tool. There’s tons of magic spells as well, and the characters in the game are pretty interesting as well.

All in all, its actually very very entertaining.

It’s interesting - I think that $19.99 price point makes it look like shovelware, whereas in fact it kind of under-promises and massively over-delivers.

I can’t think of a single reason for anyone who likes party RPGs at all not to pick this up.

At $60, I could think of a few flaws, but at $20? Let’s just say all those people complaining about Dragon Age’s drift into spikeydeathgore have a fairly simple solution here :)

Rock8man, thanks for making the new thread! I never clicked on the old Drakensang thread because that game never clicked for me, but at a $20 price point, and with seemingly everyone’s glowing recommendations it would’ve been a shame for me to miss this.

I’ll have to check it out, if the old school spirit is within this game.

There is a bit of Darklands going on in this game.

I’m still (slowly) playing through, wishing I had more time for it.

IMO it is the closest thing to a modern Baldur’s Gate 1 that we have. It’s got that same vibe - big open spaces, bright colours, and a sense of adventure. To me that is 2/3 of what made BG special - I hate the trend for ‘tunnel dungeons’ that 3D RPGs have. Not just dungeons, even outdoor combat areas fall prey to the same design. Think of the forests in Dragon Age: Origins, they’re mainly tunnels with a sky texture and trees for walls. I’m meant to be an adventurer not a hamster!

RoT provides the remaining 1/3 of the BG feeling as well. Every level and every new bit of gear feels like a little step forward for your character. While the game isn’t terribly difficult, your character always feels like it is making meaningful progress. That’s a refreshing change of pace from games which trip over themselves in their haste to stuff rewards in your hands, thereby devaluing them by sheer bulk, or which do away with most traditional rewards e.g. Mass Effect 2’s lack of loot.

The world is quite beautiful and I find that, while it’s cliché fantasy stuff, it’s also reasonably unique thanks to the more historically accurate design of buildings, clothing, etc. The lack of giant shoulder guards and chainmail bikinis is simply wonderful.

At $20 anyone who likes RPGs should look at it. The lack of a UK release is a crime!

It’s not so much Darklands in RoT, it’s the typical German OCD fantasy game trope. The character system reminds me more of the Anvil of Dawn games than anything else, except that RoT is a d20 system.

Mwahahahaha! Good luck with that - some of the (mainly optional) big beasts are pretty tough.

I think DAO is a bad example there - it’s got particularly underdeveloped geography. You couldn’t say the same about Gothic 3 or Nehrim, say.

:cracks knuckles: Bring them on! Every RPG should have a few titanic battles where you can put your high level party to the test.

I think DAO is a bad example there - it’s got particularly underdeveloped geography. You couldn’t say the same about Gothic 3 or Nehrim, say.

Bioware billed DA:O as a successor to BG and then ignored one of the key things which made BG what it was. It would have been easy to make those Elven forest areas more open by demolishing some of the artificial walls. Mmm, even something like Dantooine’s main area from KOTOR would do.

I should hope I could not say the same about games like Gothic 3 or the Oblivion mod! An openworld game made up out of surface-based tunnels does not bear thinking about, ugh!

Same views, albeit less concerned about lack of manual, you just need to right-click on everything.

  • I like the visual aspect, the character progression, quirky sense of humour, different options depending on skills

Bit early to call this RPG of 2011, Witcher 2 will probably take that crown (please don’t suck). However, best RPG for $20? Almost certainly

Favorable comparison to Darklands? $20 on Steam? I should really resist an impulse buy here, but I doubt I’ll hold up.

Edit: Wow, the trailer is terrible. Junk golem at the end almost makes up for it, but it definitely starts out with OMINOUS SPEECH ABOUT MAKE-BELIEVE HISTORY.

Probably done by the publisher. They managed to mess up everything they did in relation to this title. Really.

Definitely my game of the year so far.

It was one of the very few rpg’s that left me wanting more once I finished (35 hrs played on difficult). In most rpg’s, once I get about 2/3 through I end up bored and just want to hurry to the end. Not so for this one.

I should really resist an impulse buy here, but I doubt I’ll hold up.

Buy it…it’s $20 well spent even just to boggle at the character stat sheets.

I’ve searched for the game on disk but haven’t found a source yet. Anyone know there I could buy it?

Not sure where you live, but according to http://www.budgetgaming.nl/game-profile/drakensang:+the+river+of+time_PC.html, several (dutch) web based game shops sell it.

Bol.com should be well known and also send outside of the Netherlands. I’m quite surprised that amazon.co.uk, play.com and zavvi.com don’t appear to sell this game.

Damnit. You people have about sold me on this, and I’ve never heard of the game before now.

Between this and the Dragon Age sequel, my evenings are now full for the foreseeable future…