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Dransik is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) of medieval fantasy adventure. Enter the world of Dransik with a few minor skills and possessions and set forth to seek your destiny! Master dozens of skills. Explore dark dungeons seeking wealth and magical artifacts. Battle great mythic beasts and uncover ancient secrets. Hunt down and dethrone evil tyrants. Along the road, you’ll meet and interact with thousands of other players as well as non player characters (NPCs).

Each Dransik server can have different rules to accommodate different styles of play. There will be worlds of chaos where it’s every player for himself, worlds of adventure where players must band together to accomplish titanic quests, and peaceful worlds of role playing chat.

Whether you prefer hack and slash or role playing, free for all combat or cooperative play, you’ll always find a home in Dransik!

Join the currently free Beta Test at www.Dransik.com

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Not to be a big meany, but does the world need another MMORPG. Let alone a UO clone?

Mr. Meanie, in this case, yes.

I wouldn’t exactly call it a UO clone, but a UO alternative. The staff of Dransik is compiled of ex-Origin guys, including Denis Loubet and Jeff Dee, so sure, there are bound to be similarities.

The gameplay is different and a bit easier than UO.

Not to be a big meany, but does the world need another MMORPG. Let alone a UO clone?

Why is it that the MMORPG genre seems to be considered “full”? You don’t get people saying that there are too many RPGs out there. Give me tons, and I will sort through the junk. Obviously, clones may not be as interesting, but (for example) I have enjoyed all the infinity engine games, even though you could technically call them clones.

Is it the subscription thing? Or maybe that they need a decent population to be fun? But how many is that? DAOC has 10 servers or more, so a smaller base could just use 2 or 3 maybe? The worlds would still have as many people in them, presumably. Or maybe it’s a financial problem, which isn’t really a consumer problem at all, unless the game goes under and you really liked it.

I am not trying to be contrary. I just hear this kind of claim all the time, and I am curious why it is said about MMORPGs more than any other genre.

Well, the deal for me is that you can’t really get much of a feel for an MMORPG in the first “free” month. That is unless you play it a lot. I don’t have time to dive into one, let alone trying all the new ones. The fact that it continues to cost me to try a game out and decide if I like it doesn’t thrill me. If I buy an SP game or one that doesn’t charge for online play I can take my time to judge it and if I don’t really like it I’m only out the cost of the game.

Well, an awful lot of MMORPGS are set in medieval fantasy worlds. Do people really play more than one medieval-fantasy-world-MMORPG simultaneously? Seems like a tough market to be in. [size=2]Hey look, Jeff Dee is involved, the guy who drew the best darn illustrations in the 1st Edition Deities & Demigods! RA![/size]

Well, if you can build furniture in it and kill giant killer mutated crabs in it, I’m in! :D

Furniture, yes.

Crabs, not exactly. lol

Triddles! We have triddles!

I have seen the ads over at MPOGD for a couple of months, BooBoo, and I am interested. What does it have that some of the “big names” do not? Sell me.

Here are some of its features:

  • The world is fully interactive. It does not have scenery that is JUST nice to look at, but instead, all of the objects in the game are viewable, useable, clickable.

  • Instead of a class system, Dransik offers races and professions. Your beginning chosen profession is not necessarily the one you will end up with, however. Anyone can be anything. You can start life as a cook, but change to being a farmer or warrior.

  • EQ and UO cater to the global community. Dransik will be set up to support smaller pockets of user who may or may not have similar goals. The goal of Dransik will be to feel that you can make decisions that affect your world server as a whole instead of having events driven by the game operators! Dransik will have player-controlled governments, something that the bigger titles would run away from.

  • You are solely in control of your destiny. You are not forced to go from quest to quest. You don’t have to go on any quests at all if you don’t wish to.

PvP the same as UO?

UO has two parts of their world… A CareBear Land (No PvP) and a PvP land. They are mirrors of each other. PvP is very simple… You kill and instantly loot people.

Dransik has a criminal system which gives killed players a chance to get back to their bodies before they are looted.

UO has a guild system, but it has very little use. Dransik’s guild system will provide a more structured PVP system. The War Machine will allow guilds to have real wars with real outcomes.

Who the hell wants to be a cook or a farmer? Are some people honestly willing to PAY to be the background color for other folks’ heroic escapades? Or is this some weird psychological thing, where some folks like sacrificing their time/energy/money just to feel that they’re helping create a more meaningful story and/or world for other folks to star in? “Hey, everybody, I’m your friendly neighborhood cook! I hang around and bake bread - for heroes!”

Sorry, for $XX/month, I don’t want to be a sentient prop piece for ^KainHaXthePLANET[Klan DeAtHsTaBBer]^. Fuck trivial “color” classes, and spend that dev time making more skills/spells/equipment.

Heroic fishing, my ass.

Maybe you are on to something. Perhaps a MMORPG could implement a reduced monthly fee if you are willing to limit yourself to playing the less heroic classes.

How much for level 12 Town Drunk?

Oh joy:

Those of you who continue to profess a belief in the Users will receive the standard substandard training. This will result in your eventual elimination.

Those of you who renounce this superstitious and hysterical belief will be eligible to join the Warrior Elite of the MCP.

"All those who renounce their foolish

Nah, they totally nerfed “Involuntary Urination” and some of the higher level drinking songs in the last patch.


Denis Loubet

Cool! His paintings for Ultima IV and Moebius are my favorite box cover art of all time. :)

Actually, for a while, in UO, I was a cook, and I made bread. My plan was to ba an evil assassin of sorts, selling poisoned bread to the NPC and PC wanderers alike, and then loot their bodies afterward. I expected it to be far more profitable than pickpocketing. However, poison in UO sucked. All it succeeded in doing was giving my victims tummyaches. Hell the NPC’s would even thank me afterward. In the end, I was spending more gold than I could make from poisoning people, so I ended up becoming a freakin warrior just like almost every other poor bastard that played UO.

There is nothing wrong with having alternative skills in the game, like fishing, cooking, carpentry, etc. as long as it IS worth something and not there JUST to create a more meaningful world for others to star in.

If poisoning worked like it should have, as well as the numerous other skills that had potential, then UO would probably still be at the top of the list. And I would probably still be playing it.