Drawn together, new cartoon on comedy central

just watched the first episode. god, is it ever funny.

Very mixed. I almost quit watching after the first couple of minutes when the jokes were coming very fast, very poorly timed, and very unfunny. But it picked up and had several genuine laugh out loud moments, like the knife-fighting smurfs and the “Help! She’s assaulting me like the English language!” line.

Also, the Pikachu knockoff was pretty funny. He’s hyperviolent and constantly aggrivated, but nobody speaks Japanese so they just treat him like a cute little pet. But who exactly is the yellow guy supposed to be a parody of? He looks like Spongebob Square Pants meets REn & Stimpy.

I’ll keep my TiVo season pass and watch a few more episodes, but I could see it swinging either way.

I had the same reaction as Thrrrpptt!, although I finally left about halfway through. I thought the writers were trying way too hard to be edgy, and half the jokes felt flat. The superhero’s repeated longing for a “12 year old girl and a donkey” was almost transcendent in its political incorrectness, and I liked the princess’ song, but I thought the racial jokes got old. And the pig just annoys me.

My wife and I agreed that yellow guy is Spongebob meets Ren & Stimpy.

I’ll tune in for another half episode to see if it gets more consistent before pronouncing “meh” on it.

What, nobody liked the Lezbo cartoon action between the Princess and the Homegirl? :lol:

I have two TIVOs and I still missed it. Need to catch it again next time.

Knowing Comedy Central, they’ll re-run it about 50,000 times in the next week.

I caught it on rerun purely because this thread referenced lesbo action. Very funny stuff, I think it works well just because I loved seeing so many archetypes lampooned. The gay Link made me laugh and laugh and laugh. I just wish the pig thing looked more like porky pig, he would be funnier that way.

Well, I think the Captain Hero “12-year old girl and a donkey” bit is only used twice, and both work well in the context of the story - didn’t seem like it was overused.

Felt most annoyed by Boop for obvious reasons, the Ling Ling parts are pretty funny. The smurf knife-fight was probably the best.

— Alan

Caught this over the weekend. Fun stuff. :)

how disturbing. the second episode had full frontal cartoon nudity, male and female.

overall, the episode was pretty funny.

I got to the nudity part. Then the show goes off, never to be seen again.

And this is from a person who watches South Park, Sealab 2021, Aqua Teen, Family Guy, etc. Hell, I’ve watched and enjoyed Ebichu (if you know what that is) and I liked even that. This show? BLARGH.

I give it two Dr. Pepper’s down.

I don’t get it. What’s so bad about the nudity?

The nudity didn’t bother me. I thought it was an interesting choice, since the punchline it set up wasn’t all that funny, but it didn’t bother me, either.

Overall, I’m liking this show. Ling Ling cracks me up, and there were some great jokes tonight. It doesn’t always connect, but I’m laughing more than enough to keep tuning in each week.

I’m not sure why, but I watch this show and can’t help but be reminded how unfunny I found Leisure Suit Larry, and how much funnier it should have been. I’ve laughed more during each 22-minute episode of this show that I did during the entire 6-7 hours it took me to finish that game.

I thought the timing was a little off on tonites episode, sometimes the jokes were coming so fast and furious there was no time to really appreciate them. The concept was funny but I think they had something like 20% too much material and they crammed it all in by ramping up the pacing instead of lingering a moment to let people laugh at a good joke or funny situation.

Perhaps I’m just too picky on the timing, I’ve been rewatching my Family Guy DVDs lately and Family Guy always nails the timing perfectly.

Meh. It was worse than #1. Nudity though? Did I miss something? The sponge bob dude starwars joke was ok.

Southpark was better tonight overall.

The nudity was a reference to the illustrations in the book “Where Did I Come From?” a book to teach kids about sex.

Show does nothing for me and I find it pretty unfunny. Shame as Venture Brothers just finished it’s first season (which is an excellent very funny show) and I was looking for a new cartoon to tivo in it’s stead.

I’ll readily predict that The Venture Brothers is easily five times as funny as Drawn Together will turn out to be. Smart and sharp writing will always be better than wacky in my book.

Is Venture Brothers really over for the season? They left it with one hell of a cliff hanger. I hope it’s going to be renewed.

I beleive there is a VB Xmas special coming, but it takes place somewhere midseason. The end wasn’t that much of a cliff hanger IMO unless I mistook what the Doc said after the credits. And yeah I really really hope it gets renewed.

Spoliler Highlight
[color=white]“Ok, get their clones”[/color]

Oh, duh. As you can see, the show left a major impression upon me… :lol: