Dream Machine Build - Advice Wanted!

I built a new gaming PC from my old one. Thanks for the advice!

Wow, congrats!

I think that CPU only needs 3200 memory, are you buying faster for futureproofing?

Seems to be more of a power supply than you need also, same?

You could get 5x that much external storage for the price if you could settle for slower HDD instead of SSD?

some case reviews suggest you may want to replace/upgrade the fans

The RAM is supposedly good for the CPU.

That’s great news for anyone eyeing up AMD’s Ryzen CPUs, which favor a memory clock around the 3,600MHz mark—thus ensuring the Infinity Fabric clock is kept at a 1:1 ratio with your memory and your chip ticking over happily with minimal latency penalties. A kit such as the Team Xtreem is optimal for AMD Ryzen CPUs.

I have the power supply already from another machine, as well as some of the SSDs.

I’ll take a look at the fans.

AFAIK, 3600 is considered ideal for ryzen. That’s what I bought (though mine was CL16)

That’s a lot of storage. No doubt you have your reasons, but have you considered putting together another totally separate server machine for such things? I bit the bullet on that a few years ago and never looked back.

If you do go for that, I’d double the number of physical drives in order to get some mirroring going. Personally I’d drop the SSDs for mechanical in this scenario - the cash saved would go a long way to paying for the other costs with the machine.

That aside, I no longer trust AIO water coolers as every AIO I owned has had the coolant inside evaporate after a couple of years. So I’d go with a big chonky noctua CPU cooler instead.

Keeping my fingers crossed, but I do agree. If you have the space for a Noctua DH14, that’s what I would do.

There’s no way people can comment unless you specify why you picked these parts. Do you really need 8TB of NVME high speed? 2 2GB 980 Pros or 2 2GB WD Black sn850s will be a lot faster AND cheaper. Then put all other storage on tier 2 SATA SSDs, at a minimum 4, or up to 8 on some motherboards. Unless you specifically need 8GB of NVME storage this seems better.

It seems like a shame to have a nearly $10,000 PC and not have a 3090. Though if you truly have no use of the extra GPU memory it’s fine. But if this is more of a workstation PC, not just gaming, a 3090 makes way more sense.

In a vacuum I would suggest a Asus Dark Hero $450 motherboard as it’s cheaper and better, though I’m guessing you need thunderbolt. Even so there may be better or cheaper (ASUS ProArt Creator) options I think. ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360 56.3 CFM Liquid CPU Cooler is generally considered the best cooler for performance.

Pick ram from here, the 2x32GB XMP list stability (don’t bother overclocking): Actually Hardcore Overclocking: July 2021 RAM "shopping list"

Sorry, should have said This is a workstation / video editing / gaming build.

I already have the 3080Ti courtesy of a Newegg Shuffle.

I will take a look at the cooler. Thanks!

The RAM is from the qualified list for the motherboard and will let me go to 128GB should I need it.

It has a 10Gb NIC; do you have a fast switch and local NAS too, or just the Tbolt?

Unfortunately the Dark Hero doesn’t work. Not enough 8x+ PCI slots for GPU, capture card, thunderbolt, and a 10Gig NIC. The motherboard I chose has 10G integrated.

I have a 10G NIC on the NAS so I’ll be using the 10G from the motherboard to connect to that.

Excellent. But know that smaller good performing 10G switches are affordable too.

Would just echo…that’s a LOT of internal storage. I mean…I can’t imagine filling that up and if I filled it up with things I cared about, I wouldn’t want it in a single location.

Thanks all.

My advice would be to build the machine some other year, but I guess that’s not in the cards. :D
May it serve you for a long time.

Even the same model of ram gets changed over time. I would buy a 128GB kit directly, from the QVL. Ryzen is super picky at 128. Just getting 3600 to work can be too much to hope for. So I would be wary about adding a second kit, versus buying 128GB sold in a single QVL kit, even if it’s technically the same and should work.

That said, if you don’t need 128 then 64 will give you better performance. But 128 is pretty cool.

Friend had two M.2 Adata XPG NVme 1TB lemons. I’ve had three 2.5” Adata SATA SSDs without issues. Take this anecdata for what you will.

Where did the parts list go?

I think you have to tell us what the final build looks like.

That’s a secret. Mellified came here for advice, not to divulge secrets!

When you say lemons do you mean they were just slower because they had the cheap controller or they actually failed?