Dream Scenario - Nic Cage is the man of everyone's dreams - A24

I have read about this. It’s a must-see for me. I enjoyed his weight of being Nick Cage movie too. He’s picking good scripts.

I had missed this thread and never heard of this until I saw this review today.

Trippy. Being John Malkovich vibes?

Rented this today. What a wonderfully weird film. Even if you aren’t interested in how the dreams relate to Paul’s life and his emotional state, you’ll be entertained by Nic’s performance.

I see it less as a commentary on celebrity and more about writing large the main character’s inner turmoil and what happens if you keep it bottled up for too long.

Maybe it’s just a mid-life crisis artfully portrayed.

Highly recommended.

Streaming anywhere?

I also thought this was great, but a little flawed in places. It’s very well made with some inventive editing, sound design, shots, etc. Strong Spike Jonze/Charlie Kaufman/Twilight Zone vibes. I enjoyed it enough to watch it twice.

Unfortunately, I think it kind of falls apart in Act 3, although I did like the final scene. But Nic Cage is excellent and seeing him portray such an ineffectual character is great fun. And then there’s That Scene. I’ve been obsessed with that moment, especially the face he makes at the end of it. So darkly funny, the way it all starts falling apart from there.

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