Dreamcast's fifth birthday is today

Since the date was a pretty easy mnemonic, it occured to me that today is the fifth anniversary of the US launch of the Sega Dreamcast – 9/9/99 to 9/9/2004.

What a long, strange trip it was. Maybe I’ll bust out Crazy Taxi and Soul Calibur tonight and reminisce…

Oh, if only I had a copy of PowerStone 2 and three friends willing to come home with me and play.

I wonder which of these two desires will be more difficult to fulfill.

I paid $250 for my Dreamcast. I was sad to hear that it was dying, then I bought Soul Calibur for it. I don’t regret either purchase.

The Dreamcast is still being heavily used at our multiplayer sessions thanks to Virtua Tennis 1&2 and ChuChu Rocket among others. Shame it wasn’t more successful, but these games alone justified the purchase to me.


I forgot all about Virtua Tennis. I’m going to have to plug my Dreamcast in again. What a great, great console.

Ach! Chu Chu Rocket was amazing!@!@

My wish list is further expanded:


Because the real ones are impossible to find, and $100 +

Virtua Tennis puts Top Spin to shame IMHO.

Soul Calibur pretty much justified the expense of the Dreamcast for me. Virtua Tennis and Shenmue were just icing. Tasty, tasty icing.

I still have my Dreamcast fishing rod here somewhere.

Did anyone ever play Seaman? I always wondered about that one.

Seaman was brilliant. I had him on for about four days, and was going out of town, so i actually asked my Roommate “Would you watch the fish for me?”

He just stood there, slack-jawed and stared at me as if i were insane.

It really required a lot of attention, though. He’d die if you didn’t turn him on at least twice a day and heat the tank and feed him.

The only downside was that it required a VMU, which, at the time, cost more than the damn game…

Definitely a novelty, but if you have a copy and an extra tv in yer house, start it up and watch Seaman go for a week or so.


I still love my DC even though it doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. I plan on one day grabbing Virtua Tennis 1 or 2 and I really need to grab some more controllers. I’m lazy and have no money. Bah. One day!

Still the 2nd-best console out there imo (behind Xbox)

And yeah re: games… Soul Calibur, Hydro Thunder, and Dead or Alive 3 (with two lightguns, of course) made it more than worth the purchase.

Seaman was great. My favorite response was when I got mad at him for something and yelled “Why don’t you suck my balls!” to which Seaman replied “I’m not your brother.”

True story.

Gotta give love to Samba de Amigo. Nothing like some monkey maraca shaking to get the family acting silly around the holidays.

My two favorite DC games were Bangai-O and Armada. I spent hours between the two of those. 'Tis a shame that such an amazing console got killed prematurely.

Sonic adventure (1 or 2) is to the original sonic games as doom 3 is to the original doom games

but besides that i love my dreamcast and thank god for ebay

The Dreamcast is dead. Long live the Dreamcast!

  • Alan

Best zombie tennis game evar.



Chu-Chu Rocket
Nezumi o tasukerou!
Chu-Chu Rocket
Neko wa kowai!
Chu-Chu Rocket
Rocket wa su-go-i!


Best system this gen, IMO.

Powerstone 1 was way better. I am playing Shenmue right now and my wife still plays JGR every few months. She can do the whole game in under 3 hours.