Dreamfall going episodic

I read about this over on Octopus Overlords. I’m ecstatic to see the franchise is still alive, but I’m kinda down on episodic games right now. Luckily there will be a follow-up retail version (or versions) as well.

Hopefully they will go through with the retail combined versions. I can’t wait personally for the next Dreamfall game.

I just finished “playing” through dreamfall the other day. It was probably the worst game I’ve ever played in my life (what little gameplay there was). It was also one of the better movies I’ve seen in quite a while.

It’s good to see they’re still going at it.

I’m actually excited about this, though that article makes it sound like it’s still a long ways off. But the setting and the storytelling style established by the previous TLJ games lends itself pretty well to an episodic approach. As long as they don’t end up with HL2 style delays between episodes it should be pretty cool.

After that ending I’m just glad they’re finishing it.

Yep, I’m happy they’ll be continuing/concluding the series, but I’ll be waiting for the full boxed version. I’m certainly not going to do any episodic downloading nor online play with this style of game even though TLJ is my favorite game of all time, and Dreamfall is among the good ones.

It was only 4 years between TLJ and DF:TLJ. This does not bode well.

Many spoilers ahead:

I just finished it, and was surprised to find out that the story is far from finished. Since I played TLJ 4 years ago or so, I forgot many important things that were kind of important like the existance of the Briancharacter, Cortez saving him, April’s appearence as an old person and who knows what else. I probably won’t remember anything from Dreamfall in 4 years (or even after 1 year). That’s the reason why I don’t like those long running fantasy series that gets published every two years or so. Getting back into the story after a long time is frustrating.

It’s really no more frustrating than a movie franchise that has sequels years later. You just watch (play) the originals again to catch yourself up (or read a synopsis).

Watching a movie takes 2 hours. Replaying through a game takes much more time. But I guess if you can find a synopsis your ok. It still sucks.
There was a funny thread in their forums that was started by someone who said he warzed it, and asked when the sequel is coming.

It sounds like it is still a long way off…


ugh… damn

Oh, man I really hope they get to work on the new Dreamfall game soon. Having to wait several years to find out what happens sucks.

I wonder if the continued success of Age of Conan will make more Dreamfall more likely or less likely? I would think more likely, but who knows? Maybe they’ll decide that the MMOs is where the money is and abandon the other projects completely. Though you’ve got to think that Ragnor Thornquist would want more leeway to do his pet projects once the company has more money.

The problem isn’t AoC, it’s that Ragnar’s busy working on The Secret World. Until TSW’s done - or at least far enough along that he can shift his focus to Dreamfall Chapters - it’s going nowhere.

The good news is that he planned out two games instead of one while writing Dreamfall. I don’t know how much detail he put into the third part of the story, but he made it seem like there was enough to reduce pre-development time on the episodes. He’s also hinted at parallel projects, but I’m not expecting to see it before 2010. Four years is still shorter than the six and a half year gap between the first two games.

It is still a long way off…
Summary: Funcom is working on other stuff.

Funcom works?

Funny. Earlier today I dropped by the TLJ/Dreamfall forums, saw the continued lack of news on any sequel and decided to delete the bookmark. I’m sure I’ll hear about it when/if it’s coming along, but I’m still not interested in episodic.

Funcom is working on other stuff (ie. MMORPGs) partly to give them enough of a steady revenue stream so they can fund projects like Dreamfall Chapters.

You know, that sounds really great until you realize that Ragnar already has financial backing from the Norwegian film fund for developing the next Dreamfall game!
(News story is about 18 months old.)