Dreamfall going episodic

I case you didn’t catch it, RPS posted a 3 part interview with Ragnar Tornquist.

I personally really enjoyed the stories in TLJ and Dreamfall and I don’t really care whether it counts as a ‘game’ or not.

Anyway, the interview doesn’t shed any new light on the many dark corners in the two stories. Does Ragnar himself have the answers?

I’m not sure what to say. Yeah, I have a story. I think there’s only one other person in the world who knows it. I have it written down. I know what the ending is, for the first time in my life. The final, final ending to the whole saga. Whether that happens in Dreamfall Chapters, or we stretch it out like Robert Jordan…
I remember years ago Ragnar mentioned he knew the whole story back then and here he says he knows it now for the first time. When was this interview recorded anyway?

Why episodic content for Dreamfall Chapters? Is this the most fitting channel for telling this kind of story?

as a company that focuses on online distribution, and online payment models, for us we have to create something from which we can get online revenue, so we don’t have to go to publishers and get screwed all over again, by people who don’t understand what we’re doing. The best way of doing that, and hedging our bets, is to do it in a way that uses pay-for content on a regular basis.
So the driving reason for the episodic format is money?

Will Dreamfall Chapters definitely happen? And if so when?

Right now where we’re at is evolving the technology. The Dreamfall team is very busy with The Secret World right now, so we don’t know how we’re going to pull this off. But if and when it does come out, we’ll be committed to at least doing a story arc
They didn’t start working on it yet.

To summarize my feelings, I really admire Ragnar for giving us those two great stories. But what have you done for me lately?

He does mention after the section you quoted that he figured out the overall arc of the story in between TLJ and Dreamfall and going into the release of the latter:

I thought Ragnar was pretty upfront about many of the flaws in Dreamfall, and I was pretty interested (and saddened) to hear far more was originally written for Kian’s character. The game seemed to hint at that, and it’s nice to see it confirmed.

I wish Funcom just had loads of money so Ragnar could make the game he wants.

I was more disappointed with April’s arc because I felt its ending was unsatisfying, but reading his rationale for the decision put me at ease. My feelings towards April were in line with John Walker’s - I was also getting angry at her for being so miserable before really empathizing as she finalized her downward spiral. I wished she would overcome it.

While I understand his rationale of the ending’s completeness, it was just plain cruel to insert those cliffhangers like Reza at the end when Dreamfall Chapters is so far away.

I can wait 10 years for a sequel … as long as it doesn’t suck.

Minor update on the non-status of Dreamfall Chapters…

John Walker from Rock, Paper, Shotgun expresses my biggest concern…

oh well

I’ve already forgotten most of what happened in both games now

Yeah, even for people who HAVE played the previous games, it’s been long enough that they’d better find a way to catch people up on the story.

Yeah I was asking those same questions when playing Dreamfall and I enjoyed TLJ.

Is that latest post by Ragnar the first confirmation that The Longest Journey 2 is a separate product from Dreamfall Chapters? I don’t remember ever hearing about a proper sequel to TLJ.

Funcom marketing officially states that Dreamfall Chapters is indefinitely on hold.

Actually, we have put the development of the Dreamfall Chapters on indefinite hold. We might pick them up again, but there are no plans for that as of now

Then Mr. Tornquist clarifies it is only temporarily on hold.

The truth is, while Dreamfall Chapters is on hold right now, it’s temporary, not indefinite, and there are most certainly plans to continue as soon as it’s viable to do so.

From Ragnar Tornquist’s own blog…

No doubt all this has something to do with Funcom’s recent staff layoff.

And dedicating efforts to another MMO.

Funcom works?

In an alternate universe the overwhelming success of Conan resulted in Funcom creating a division just for cranking out Longest Journey games.

This sounds good until you realize that by 2014 Funcom is the biggest company in Europe, in 2016 they overthrew the government of Norway in a bloodless coup and in 2019 King Herald’s Hyborian Army marches on France.

So, it’s win/win?