DreamhostApps invite-only beta:

Anyone got an invite code for me for this? http://www.dreamhostapps.com


I would kill for a code as well – I can’t believe I hadn’t heard about this promotion.

Also PM’d!

I’m now tapped out of invites. If either of you do something cool, link it up.

I haven’t used my code yet but likely will. If anyone is a new Dreamhost user, their 777 code still works for $9.24USD for 1 year of hosting which includes App support if anyone wants to go the supported route.

Many thanks, Mono. When I went to the site today they opened the taps El Diablo is letting 9900 more people in, so everyone should get in there while the getting’s good.

Is it just me, or is their website incredibly broken?

Somethings awry. I managed to associate some domains with the account but all of the apps are failing to install. Then again, they did say flat-out that when they called this a beta they really meant it.

What’s the business model for this? Ad-supported, or vague hope that you eventually upsell?

Dreamhost VPS couldn’t handle my blog, which only gets around three to six thousand views a day. I am somewhat bemused at what would happen with this.

They claim they’re doing it to be nice, but they’re trying to rope customers in with the freebie hosting and then upsell them when they need support or to actively manage their apps (you can’t even install themes on your Wordpress account, for example).

Since Tracy got another code, I’ve got one last invite if anyone is interested.

When my old company’s site was using Dreamhost, it was the most difficult part of my job. Or any job. Their customer service was terrible, and their servers were incredibly slow and would go down a few times a week. Life was so nice when we finally left them.

Yeah, but it’s like any other company/product right? I’ve been hosting with them for years and find the service awesome and the uptime great. shrug