DreamWorks Animation in trouble

Well, waaaaaayyyy back in the days of early-cable, channels like Nick at Night showed stuff like classic sitcoms and Rocky and Bullwinkle. So there’s a generation who wasn’t the audience when those shows were current, but still have some familiarity with them (I watched so much Get Smart and Hogan’s Heroes). I didn’t love Rocky and Bullwinkle, but I watched it. As a kid, it was worse than “real” cartoons, but better than the Pink Panther.

Today though, because of the proliferation of content and the proliferation of sources to view said content, there’s no particular reason to consume anything that isn’t being targeted and consumed a la minute. It’s the whole death of the mono-culture thing.

Oddly enough I’ve been thinking the opposite lately. There is such a proliferation of mediocre content that there is no particular reason to consume current content as opposed to waiting for it to be curated. Its still the death of the mono-culture though.

We had something like that near where I grew up, too, in southern California. I haven’t been by there in more than 20 years – I wonder what they’ve done with it…

Bullwinkle was never my favorite cartoon growing up. Watching episodes now as an adult, I understand why. It wasn’t a kids’ cartoon at all. It is absolutely hilarious at times, now that I can understand the jokes.