DREDGE - Eldritch Fishing RPG! (2023)

This is totally a day 1 buy for me.

I’m pretty sure the fisher isn’t the one who thinks he is.

I really enjoyed what I played of the demo last year. Q1 is stacked with releases I’m interested in.

This is still out at the end of March. But apparently there’s a demo available on the Switch.

I wonder how this will work on the Steamdeck?

Pretty well, apparently:

Mh, this looks like my jam. Elritch horrors, Lovecraftian vibes, and fishing.

Obligatory “also available without DRM” plug:

Between Cult of the Lamb and this, I hope we can get more “weird” indie horror titles in the future. I like the genre, but I kinda dislike the AA-AAA “running away sim” games.

Thanks! I looked but couldn’t find information on it. Seems like it could be the perfect game on Steamdeck.

I loved the demo and am totally in for this.

Looks pretty cool, I like the idea of a fishing RPG with a little something extra.

I’ve played about 30 minutes of the demo on the Switch and it’s great. The fishing seems simple enough (though my sucky reflexes make it challenging), the inventory management has been gamified, and there are hints of both a lot of gameplay depth (research! quests!). Story seems neat too, and I’m digging the art style.

Loading times on the Switch are pretty painful, though.


Oh my!