DREDGE - Eldritch Fishing RPG! (2023)

My read of the Steam page is its part of the deluxe version during the pre purchase period and only available as a separate $4.99 dlc after release.

Really? I just see “pre-purchase Dredge to receive the custom rod” and under the deluxe edition it lists the custom rod only as available during pre-purchase.

DLC included with the deluxe edition is listed as the Blackstone Key, soundtrack & artbook. No custom rod. Am I missing something?

Apparently I am. What a terrible way to structure a listing.

Yes I agree it isn’t overly clear. I had to look at it several times.

Saw this set sail today, anyone gone fishing yet and have some initial impressions to share?

I held off as I am currently fishing in FarCry 6, but anyone on Qt3 with impressions could push me over the edge to getting this sooner than I planned. :D

I am tempted by this one but I’m currently hip deep in AC Valhalla, which also has fishing now that I think about it! But I’m sure I will give this a go at some point.

Too rich for my blood. This, Vagrus, to a lesser extent Relic Space…if these were $10, perhaps even $15, I would take the plunge. As an around $20 experience? I’ll wait.

Indeed, at half the asking price they’d of hooked me on day 1.


Discourse delenda est.

I’ve got it, but won’t have time to play until the weekend.

Wishlisted for a price drop, the same I did for Dave the Diver (which is amazing).

Would that work well on Steamdeck?

Proton.db puts Dave the Diver at ‘Gold’, with a few folk saying it works well. It’s also Deck Verified.

Dave the Diver looks really interesting too, that’s going on my wishlist.

I wished Dave the Diver was first person ! for some reason, I really need diving games to be in that perspective to pull me in.

I have been playing plenty of Dredge. Smart little game. £20 is not a lot imo.

Has a great atmosphere. Choosing to go out earlier and stay later feels great as well as spooky and thinking what is going to happen.

I’ve upgraded my boat with the usual stuff started catching weirder fish and doing the smart little quests that pop up.

It’s a superb little game to play for 30 minutes here and there or have specific goal in mind.

I highly recommend it

I have pretty much the same thoughts. Played it for about one hour yesterday.
Really enjoy the art style and the setting. Nice mix of relaxing and unsettling.

I will try the demo : the screenshots on the eshop made me think this was some budget sunless seas, i was obviously wrong !